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In some sense the demo disc combats how modern game marketing works, forgoing the anonymity of store algorithms and Steam sales for something contained, personal, and tactile.
Source: Paste Magazine

It’s a vibrant collection that conveys the American artist’s sense of dimension, colour and movement, with each design referencing a specific artwork and dutifully capturing the visceral and tactile essence of the original piece.
Source: Wallpaper*

It doesn’t poke the skin of the being it touches In Phenomenology of Perception (1945), Merleau-Ponty writes: In visual experience, which pushes objectification further than does tactile experience, we can, at least at first sight, flatter ourselves that we constitute the world, because it presents us with a spectacle spread out before us at a distance, and gives us the illusion of being immediately present everywhere and being situated nowhere.
Source: Aeon

The tactile sensation of writing on the tablet adds to the experience, he said.
Source: CNET

With the rubbery diodes, fully rubbery integrated electronics, including an active matrix multiplexed tactile sensor and a triboelectric nanogenerator–based power management system, are further demonstrated,” states the paper.
Source: SemiEngineering

The app does an awful lot of hard work for you, but it means you don’t have that tactile experience of tucking your Energy card under your active Pokémon, or placing the damage counters on your monster when attacked.
Source: Kotaku

One of the users has confirmed that the tactile feedback of the keys adds to the typing experience.
Source: Guiding Tech

“The stair handrail which seamlessly transitions from flat to curving was designed to dignify this material property and provide a pleasurable tactile sensation,” says Studio Terpeluk owner Brett Terpeluk.
Source: Metropolis Magazine

The carpeting is equally tactile and includes woven floor mats from Chilewich.
Source: WIRED

The outcome measures were 1) screen for adult anxiety-related disorders (SCAARED) [for anxiety], 2) mood and feelings questionnaire (MFQ) - long version [depression], 3) visual contrast sensitivity and surround suppression [the ability to detect low-contrast visual targets in the presence/absence of a suppressive background pattern], 4) binocular rivalry reversal rate, and 5) tactile battery test [tactile sensory processing battery].
Source: News-Medical.Net

– Dylan Scher, Principal Concept Artist A focus on VR-first We didn’t just want to expand upon the deeply tactile combat mechanics we developed in The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners franchise, we wanted to continue to innovate, to discover ways to take familiar mechanics and make them fresh.
Source: PlayStation

Digitally merging scans of actual trees with those of human circulatory systems and muscles, Rosenkranz fabricated an armature in metal on which she is sculpting layers of tactile polymer, tinted with pigments of vivid reddish pinks.
Source: The New York Times

 The team now want to integrate the bot with machine learning algorithms capable of recognising different 'tactile events' that it may be damaged by.
Source: Daily Mail

If you spend hours typing each day, it’s important to find the keyboard that suits your needs – whether that’s a mechanical keyboard that provides satisfying tactile feedback or a keyboard packed with media controls and macOS shortcuts.
Source: Macworld

Although there already are experimental "telehaptic" systems that allow people to send and receive tactile sensations, they tend to be rather bulky and awkward.
Source: New Atlas

“It’s a sort of carrier board for Raspberry Pi Pico that includes a keyboard using 6 mm push-button tactile switches and a display,” he explains.

Amazing case-goods and luxe upholstery add to my visual and tactile experience.
Source: Newsweek

(Jim Spellman)"We had to wear these really enormous robotic suits, which I think it would have been great if they could have CGI'ed them, but we wanted to do it practically and in a tactile way," she said.
Source: Fox News

Wood’s vessels and tablewares combine the regal, shimmering luxe of rich pigments and tactile sensuousness with the hand-formed casual elegance of folk craft.
Source: LA Weekly

That being said, the quality of the keyboard is surprisingly decent, feeling quite tactile and clicky for a membrane keyboard, although it does have a lot of flex.
Source: WePC PC Tech & PC Gaming News

Nothing beats a cup of coffee in the morning and the tactile experience of turning the pages.
Source: Kitchen and Bath Design News

append(adContainer); })() Congratulations!You have successfully cast your voteListed here are some of the best keyboard for video editing: Corsair K95 RGB Platinum Mechanical Gaming KeyboardA regular keyboard user will agree with us when we say that there is absolutely nothing quite like the feel of a good-quality mechanical keyboard, giving you proper crisp, tactile feedback on every keystroke.
Source: Times of India

I had to get the tactile experience of actually wearing the gear.
Source: Eastern Mirror

Anna Borla, founder at Anna Borla Design & Yachts, said, “I wanted to bring a new level of interior comfort to the guest experience when travelling by limousine tender, from pop-up crystal drinks decanters and a bright, natural ambience to the use of tactile fabrics and materials.
Source: Yachting Pages

Unlike published memoirs or autobiographies, there is something intimate and tactile in the process of both compiling and reading an activist’s scrapbook.
Source: The Conversation

You can dramatically increase your iPad productivity with real, tactile keys that let you type (almost) as quickly and with (almost) as few errors as you can on your computer.
Source: The New York Times

Readers who appreciate a tactile experience can turn pages with ergonomic buttons on either side of the screen, and the lightweight e-reader boasts an IPX8 rating and is waterproof for up to an hour under up to two meters.
Source: Hollywood Reporter

The interior and exterior finishes have a strong focus on tactile movement, with a color palette reminiscent of the waterfront.
Source: Real Estate Weekly

 The right side button is also more tactile thanks to a raised surface, a big improvement for sweaty and gloved hands.
Source: PCMag

Wiry hairs on slate gray skin are tactile antennae, giving them an exquisite sense of touch to aid navigation by detecting water movement.
Source: National Geographic

For one, the Rivian key fob, which is designed with an integrated carabiner and almost flat featureless button sections, has no tactile markings on it.
Source: TechCrunch

The 12" single allowed the band to explore new sonic possibilities while the tactile real-world beauty of physical packaging gave Depeche Mode room to develop their consistently sophisticated and commanding design aesthetic.
Source: Rhino Entertainment

Landscapes of dry earth, silky mud, and sporadic pockets of volcanic springs are pervasive scenes in Clark’s California land: a geological journey of juxtaposed and tactile qualities that clearly hold a special place in her oeuvre.
Source: Wallpaper*

Haynes brings life to the story through his attention to detail, especially the tactile way in which he depicts Bilott’s work — in a storage room surrounded by boxes and papers on all sides, digging through hoping to find anything helpful among the seemingly miles of data.
Source: Polygon

(Freya McGregor) An birder with autism whom I know appreciates trails with a guide rope and tactile signs of 3D birds to feel.
Source: Los Angeles Times

There's no tactile pleasure to be had.
Source: Rock Paper Shotgun

Recent advances in wearable tactile sensors: materials, sensing mechanisms, and device performance.

They mediate a remarkable range of tactile somatosensory processes — from light touch (assayed by placing tape on the back of a mouse) to neuropathic pain, from the proprioceptive ability to locate our limbs in space to blood-pressure baroreceptors, and even plant root growth.
Source: Spectrum Autism Research News

Read more: Rats have capacity for rhythm and can keep time to Mozart works, new study reveals Petrini added: “Learning to play an instrument like the piano is a complex task; it requires a musician to read a score, generate movements and monitor the auditory and tactile feedback to adjust their further actions.
Source: Classic FM

But also here was Homer the lover of paint, whose tactile surfaces, sense of space and unusual compositions identified many of his canvases as suavely proto-modernist.
Source: The New York Times

They have a great click and nice tactile response when pressed and I found myself only using the buttons after a while and not even bothering with the touchscreen.
Source: TheGamer

Lucasfilm/Disney+In a phone interview, Kasdan, whose father, Lawrence, co-wrote some of Lucas’s most celebrated films, including the original “Star Wars” trilogy and “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” described‌ “Willow” as “a giant, very tactile adventure, with this small person at the center of it.
Source: The New York Times

The historic stone and brick give tactile character to the structure.
Source: Interior Design

6-inch LCD screen Operating System macOS, Windows, Chome OS Pressure Sensitivity 8192 Pros Gorgeous matte 4K display Pro Pen 2 is great to work with A tactile drawing experience Expresskey shortcuts When it comes to the best drawing tablets with a screen, you can’t ignore Wacom tablets.
Source: WePC PC Tech & PC Gaming News

  While death is a concern in the first act of "White Noise," it becomes more tactile in the second act, titled "The Airborne Toxic Event.
Source: Roger Ebert

“Many properties of the medium attract me, including the malleability and tactile feel of clay,“ Sprattling said in the release.
Source: The Union

A subtle tactile element further grounds the sound in the real world, while creating additional forward momentum.
Source: YouTube Official Blog

The experience of visiting our museum is all-encompassing for the senses: a view of the galleries that present fine art and design at an intimate scale, a taste of the Austrian cuisine in Café Sabarsky, a tactile moment in the design shop and bookstore.
Source: artnet News

In the film, Blunt wears a robotic suit, which according to the star “would’te been great if we had CGI’d them, but we wanted to do it practically and in a tactile way”.
Source: The Independent

While the immersive, tactile elements originally planned were forced to be scrapped because of social distancing, an interactive app helped visitors engage with the collection.
Source: Dazed

So there is a tactile aspect to hearing that we often overlook.
Source: BBC

With a 32-inch HD touchscreen, personalized dynamic zoom viewing, responsive tactile feedback, Wi-Fi connectivity, online play, and an ever-expanding selection of even more downloadable games and interactive content, this one stop shop for play opens the door to infinite fun.
Source: GMA

Consider the sound of insects buzzing, the sight of vibrantly colored flowers, the tactile delights gleaned from touching soft, smooth and rough textured plants, and, of course, the taste of fruits, vegetables and pungent herbs that greatly enrich our lives.
Source: Napa Valley Register

It can be used as a form of tactile and pheromone communication between kitten and mother.
Source: NPR Music's 15th Anniversary Concert NPR Music

"I love the idea of my kids playing with a toy that’s somewhat ‘low tech’ and tactile that requires them to think about ‘someone’ else.
Source: Newsday

The 12-inch single allowed the band to explore new sonic possibilities while the tactile real-world beauty of physical packaging gave Depeche Mode room to develop their consistently sophisticated and commanding design aesthetic.
Source: Collider

Project kits are among the items for sale at Yarn Farm Kingston, but the main enticement is the gorgeous selection of yarns, and the “tactile experience” that they offer.
Source: Hudson Valley One

This e-reader supplements its touchscreen navigation with four physical buttons—two on each side—so you have a choice if you prefer the tactile feedback of a physical button.
Source: Forbes

A suite of sensors ranging from torque and force sensors for force control to tactile sensors and LiDAR for navigation and collision detection are utilized in modern robots.
Source: The Road to More Intelligent Robots? IDTechEx

As for the keyboard, the keys have a fair amount of travel, and the tactile feel of the scissor switches is preferable to the mushy rubber domes in some portable keyboards.
Source: Hot Hardware

“The PS5 is a genuine leap forward for console gaming, offering gorgeous 4K performance, stunningly fast load times and a truly game-changing controller that makes playing games more immersive and tactile than ever.

On top of this, having a large sack of sand pressed against your diaphragm creates a tactile cue to help those core muscles to really engage, giving you something to ‘breathe into’ creating strong ‘intra-abdominal pressure’ and protecting your spine.
Source: Men's Health

Doctors, nurses, and other health practitioners control the VR robot using a VR headset and flexible electronic skin that enables them to experience tactile sensations while interacting remotely with patients.
Source: ARPost

Glorious in its tactile fabrication, his "Pinocchio" epitomizes the melding of tale and technique into a cohesive philosophical unit.
Source: Roger Ebert

34 speculated that the position of the wulst is correlated with the use of the tactile sense when feeding.

“We wanted to do it practically and in a tactile way,” she said.
Source: Los Angeles Times

 You’ll have to combine this tactile experience with a trawl through Hultén’s various websites to get the full sound and vision experience of his work.
Source: Wallpaper*

In general, though, it’s the shifting shades and tactile textures of aged pots that truly set off the beauty of the plants they host, from the ruffled silk petals of tulips to a frothy, snowy show of marguerites.
Source: Android Police

I felt the chassis was reading my mind, putting the tire contact patches precisely where I desired, and fed me the tactile information I needed to predict how it would respond to any slight irregularities in the road.
Source: GearJunkie

"Trends come and go, but nothing can match the timeless simplicity of materials that provide visual warmth, tactile engagement, and connect the inside and outside in continuity," says Kristin Washco, design director at MADERA.
Source: Martha Stewart

I love how they add a soft, tactile element to my walnut table and while I initially worried about condensation from my ice drinks, I find that there are zero issues when I layer a couple coasters together.
Source: Design Milk

The firm took inspiration from quintessential Brooklyn living and its industrial past, with rich, tactile materials such as blackened metals and bronze hardware designed to age and patinate with time, as well as other finishes like rustic woods.
Source: Real Estate Weekly

Contrast is high, colors are deep and saturated, and everything has the raw, tactile feel of a gritty action film.
Source: Indie Film Hustle

Unlike some other keyboards, this one's constructed from ABS material, with an excellent tactile response, so typing emails and work reports is a breeze.
Source: Digital Trends

A prototype of a pregnancy test that lets blind people read their results through tactile bumps rather than lines in a window was unveiled in 2020 by the Royal National Institute of Blind People in the hope of finding a manufacturer that would pick up the design.
Source: The Wall Street Journal

The main changes are that the keys are more tactile and new shortcut keys have been added.
Source: Digital Camera World

Elgato Stream Deck+ | Image: Elgato Feedback Although its functionality is updated in more ways than one, there is one missed opportunity: tactile feedback of the four customisable LCD screens is severely lacking.
Source: Man of Many

Price: $99AmazonBed Bath & BeyondLogitech MX Mechanical MiniIf you're looking to spice up your WFH routine with a new keyboard, a mechanical option like the productivity-focused Logitech MX Mechanical Mini will allow you to turn typing into a more tactile experience that conventional keyboards can't replicate.
Source: The Verge

The feedback is tactile and blocky and makes interacting with the software a very instinctive experience.
Source: ZDNet

So if a school or university has access to 3-D printing, then you can create more tactile graphs that students can engage with.
Source: Mirage News

They first trained these rodents to respond to tactile stimuli via two whiskers (A and B) and to produce an action – licking a spout – only for whisker A in order to obtain a drop of water.
Source: SciTechDaily

In terms of a pleasant visual, olfactory, AND tactile experience, the grape soap is the whole package, and it's been my go-to gift for all kinds of occasions.
Source: Vanity Fair

The 12” single allowed the band to explore new sonic possibilities while the tactile real-world beauty of physical packaging gave Depeche Mode room to develop their sophisticated and commanding design aesthetic.
Source: That Eric Alper

It is very tactile and responds fast to the thumb impression and quickly unlocks the screen.
Source: Deccan Herald

Scrolling back and forth through the footage is intentionally made to echo the feeling of working with film in an old flatbed editor (this is best experienced with a controller’s force feedback), which gives the superbly acted clips an even more tactile feel.
Source: Polygon

I love the haptic feedback, which is impressively tactile against your wrist or finger, and using the Digital Crown to zoom in and out of the app screen still looks great even after all this time.
Source: Digital Trends

But also here was Homer the lover of paint, whose tactile surfaces, sense of space and unusual compositions identified many of his canvases as suavely proto-modernist.
Source: The New York Times

It was this tactile thing they just adored.
Source: Finger Lakes Times

The builder of the zodiac, sea goats are equal parts sensual and practical making a pottery class a wonderful way for them to engage with the tactile and leave with a functioning drinking vessel.
Source: New York Post

Gathering together these insights, Pentawards outlines 10 trends for the year ahead, including tactile detailing, hyper bold visuals, smart packaging and more.
Source: It's Nice That

So much of the Apple mystique comes down to the user experience, but in the most tactile elements of a desktop computer, there's been no progress, no substantial improvement in years.
Source: PCMag

Something about the low travel distance of the switches and the tactile feel of the click bar feels so right.
Source: Adafruit Blog

A longer-term pattern persisted throughout and following the reading, occurring within “the bank of folds … where tactile impulses enter the cortex and motor impulses leave.
Source: Inside Higher Ed

His forefoot acts like a cane, he says, giving him tactile feedback that allows him to adjust his body in fluid, graceful moves.
Source: Barron's

Nevertheless, tactile feedback made the prosthetic feel much more natural to use, and the time it took to pick up an object was halved, from roughly 20 seconds to 10.

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