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In 2017, Colorado Parks and Wildlife launched its Staunton State Park Track-Chair Program, which provides free adaptive equipment, though guests must pay the $10 entrance fee.
Source: The Washington Post

I was caught off guard by what the app did well, though unsurprised (and hopefully not too smug) about where it came up short.
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Poorer mental health was also noticed in the post-pandemic group, though it's not clear if that's directly related to brain age.
Source: ScienceAlert

Everything changed last Friday though as a major cold front dropped daytime air temperatures into the thirties with night time temperatures as low as twenty degrees.
Source: Chicago Sun-Times

Sure, you can count on a few recurring elements (giant chickens, impractical airships, some guy named Cid), but it keeps things fresh with a brand-new story for each main installment and frequent, though often minor, changes to its turn-based combat.
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It was, though, mentioned in a separate opinion by three conservatives in the Bush v.
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Loading…Just in case you thought the game couldn’t look any better though, as reported by DSOGaming, one content creator has posted a video highlighting the power of the NVIDIA RTX 4090 with a showcase of different games running in both 4K and 8K, one of which being everyone’s favourite yeehaw game.
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And when she asked him to clear a fence, he did, even though he was afraid.
Source: The New York Times

Price-match policy and list of competitorsNewegg’s price-match guarantee states that it will price-match several online retailers up to 14 days after purchase, though there’s no indication that it will authorize a price match before you buy.
Source: The New York Times

There’s no doubt that police activity here has to be heavy, even though there are just 24 police officers for every 10,000 drivers in the state.
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Those lunar asking prices were what caused the Cardinals to turn their backs on the trade market and just spend the money required to land Contreras, though there was also the draft pick compensation since Contreras rejected a qualifying offer.
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She wanted me to stare down the yellow cabs and charge off the curb, though she knew I wouldn’t do it: I’d recently taken the personality questionnaire she wrote 17 years ago for a dating website, which produced the insight that I am a cautious, conventional rule follower.
Source: The Atlantic

These phases no longer exist, though Crisis Core Reunion will still interrupt battles to show brief cutscenes when the slots land on certain characters.
Source: Conflict Resolved GameSpot

I’m guilty of not giving them enough credit even though I’ve seen them and know how good they are.
Source: Omaha World-Herald

The PC version (either Steam or EA Origin) is also on sale at Amazon, though it’s only discounted to $19.
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Realistically though, if you have a powerful computer the free version should serve you well in most situations.
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The two mammoth brands have been at the top of the tracker game for years and, though the likes of Garmin and Whoop also boast some of the best fitness trackers on the market, the pair remain two of the biggest names in the wearable space.

Take a deeper look at Ford though and you’ll see that AFS expects a Mustang Mach-E Coupe to arrive on the scene in 2026.
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No word yet on whether it’ll come to PC though A gameplay stream for Square Enix’s fantasy action RPG Forspoken has been dated for December 9th, but PlayStation Japan have tweeted an image that suggested a demo announcement will feature as part of that.
Source: Rock Paper Shotgun

What are the stakes? Even though Democratic victories in Arizona and Nevada ensured that the party would hold the Senate, a victory by Mr.
Source: The New York Times

Food Manufacturing explains that some critics of plant-based milk argue that the products are more processed and contain more additives than dairy-based milk, though some plant-based businesses stand out as purists, producing additive-free milk that's pretty darn pure.
Source: Tasting Table

While those two are off the board, Noah Syndergaard remains unsigned and is also worthy of consideration, though probably not as the main move.
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Now, some winter weight bags can work for summer camping, especially if you expect low nightime temps and your bag can be fully unzipped and used as a blanket—though a proper outdoor blanket will do the job even better.
Source: Field Mag

Even though Wawa is giving away and not selling its 5,000+ NFTs — which the company describes as “one-of-kind digital collectible artwork” of its Hoagiefest “characters, backgrounds, hoagies, and accessories” — the negative reaction to the announcement on social media illustrated just how controversial NFTs remain.
Source: The Philadelphia Inquirer

It seem clear that the team wants to keep Arkane's freeing immersive sim roots intact with this game, even though it's multiplayer.
Source: Laptop Mag

What’s surprising about Cow, though, is the nature of her rebellious protagonist – a bovine named Luna, living on an industrial dairy farm somewhere in the south of England.
Source: The Independent

The suspect, Alessis Botello, then of Wheeling, was believed to have fled to Mexico, though he had no legal immigration status or citizenship there.
Source: Daily Herald

3% over October, though dairy was up 23.
Source: Progressive Grocer

Scaringe never replied to her email, she said, though a human resources representative referenced it in a later meeting with Barschdorf.
Source: Fortune

  Matching looks: The SoCal native talked to the live audience and beauty podcast hosts — Kirbie Johnson and Sara Tan about her beauty brand GXVE Beauty Stefani launched GXVE Beauty this year in March — even though she previously filing a trademark for P8NT Beauty in 2018 and had wanted to create her own line for a long time.
Source: Daily Mail

“The reverend mother is wise, though, and Maria is pretty naive,” said Johnson.
Source: Alexandria Echo Press

OpenAI has warned that misinformation, though it’s delivered in an authoritative way, is a fundamental and ongoing issue with the technology.
Source: The Australian Financial Review

I'd never considered adding lentils to oats, but I was willing to give it a shot (though I put my own touches on Weisenberger's recipe, which is made with three-quarter cups each of steel-cut oats and red lentils, four cups of vegetable broth, garlic and sage, and a generous helping of veggies).
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Tyra Banks graced her last cover; she was the first Black model to do so, though she shared it with a white Argentine model named Valeria Mazza.
Source: The New York Times

Some managed to get through after refreshing the page, but so many complaints have come through that Valve has sent out an official statement (opens in new tab) about the registration trouble after making some fixes, though the comments show many are still unable to register.
Source: PC Gamer

©Touchstone Television/Courtesy Everett Collection Felicity & Ben, Felicity For Felicity (Keri Russell), it was all about Ben (Scott Speedman) from the beginning (she followed him to college!), though one of the decade’s most memorable love triangles does come from the series, due to her relationship with Noel (Scott Foley).
Source: TV Insider

Part of the increase was from publications by new researchers entering the field, Böhm said, though that was caused primarily by an uptick in new researchers publishing in Asia: Japan, Taiwan and China, primarily.
Source: UC Berkeley

The game was up: though Hashan Tillakaratne's 119 helped restore a little dignity, it was hard to gloss an innings defeat.
Source: An Island's Eleven the Story of Sri Lankan Cricket ESPNcricinfo

All told, I found it a price well worth paying, though—I can’t imagine I'd go back.
Source: PC Gamer

This figure, though conservative, is between two and 20 times higher than previous estimates.
Source: The Conversation

’s part, though they’re certainly capable of exploring that market.
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Get a daily dose of scienceGet a weekly Cosmos Catch-up We didn’t spot the companion, though.
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 The Titans are 7-6 on the year and should win the division (even though they have to play the Jaguars again).
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It was an impulse that had its roots in Armstrong’s childhood, though where exactly, Armstrong tells me he doesn’t understand.
Source: VeloNews

The Aussie has enjoyed private testing outings in McLaren’s MCL35M ahead of his debut with the team in 2023, though at the 2022 Abu Dhabi Young Drivers’ Test, he got the chance to get behind the wheel of that year’s challenger, the MCL36.
Source: Planet F1

The game’s villain, Garland, would be referenced regularly throughout the series, though each iteration is generally a new character.
Source: RPGFan

Senate in 2024, though he also did not rule out running for president.
Source: The Texas Tribune

With today’s recall of Matthew Phillips, it appears as though the Flames will go in a different direction for their bottom six.

 Pirates of the Caribbean sequels have been swirling for years, though the franchise has sat dormant during Johnny Depp’s trial and scandals as studios have distanced themselves from the actor.
Source: The Escapist

Even though the Oregon Health Authority and police say sales of psilocybin mushrooms are not legal, the long lines seen outside the store show the simple economics of supply and demand.
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""Even though you’ve got your average Joe going out and logging what they see, that data — once it’s been cleaned — it’s still incredibly useful for scientists," John White said.
Source: Fox News

Even though Baylee grew up in the world of boy bands, his country music influences came from his grandparents, who would listen to artists like Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, Patsy Cline, and Tammy Wynette.
Source: Music Mayhem Magazine

A fissure opens up in the family, and though it's not anyone's creativity that cracked it open, different manifestations of Fabelman talent pry it further, creating fraught moments in which characters have to decide to reveal an important but hurtful truth or keep it to themselves in the name of domestic tranquility (this film's version of the famous line from Ford's "Valance"—when the legend becomes fact, print the legend).
Source: Roger Ebert

19 update? Even though no one knows for sure when the archeology will come to the game, the community is quite positive that 1.
Source: Sportskeeda

 And though it’s been a brutal beginning — Louisville has lost its past five games by a combined 129 points — Payne on Friday wasn’t ready to promise it’ll get better soon.
Source: Courier Journal

Directed by Tanu Muiño, the clip features dancers and colourful locations, though neither Spears nor John appear in it.
Source: Stereoboard

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