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So, [defining types is] not a trivial matter.
Source: The Scientist

In a statement, the Supreme People's Court explained that strengthening the use of AI will not only help judges lessen the burden of trivial matters and improve their work efficiency, but will also give the public easier access to judicial services to resolve conflicts more effectively.
Source: China Daily

🤣🤣 Wikipedia has a non-trivial left-wing bias.
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Ultimately this is a trivial change but probably useful in that it reduces clutter.
Source: Search Engine Journal

Research in college students found that those who wrote about negative personal experiences, thoughts, and feelings about coming to college had greater gains in working memory than students who wrote about positive experiences or trivial thoughts.
Source: Everyday Health

And this is not a trivial matter.
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A manufacturer often sells the same product to various retailers, each of which may differentiate it in a trivial way—changing the color or the quilting pattern, making it a smidgen thicker or thinner.
Source: The New Yorker

"In others, the application relies on features that are trivial in the original language but require extensive and expensive development to re-create in the new one.
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Despite being a pretty trivial time, the world was excited about getting ready again or upgrading their no-makeup makeup look.
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They are easily hurt over trivial matters and are difficult to convince after an emotional breakdown.
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“Operating in the field, or we call it surgery in the field,” Wolff said, “is not always trivial because if you open up an engine or a complicated cooling system, you want to have the resource from back at home, and TeamViewer is the only technology that allows us today in having the guy back at home look through the same borescope into the cylinder head, then [help] the mechanic on the field.
Source: TechCrunch

His mood wasn't helped by the fact that his own father, a retired accountant in his 80s, also considered the movies trivial and — despite being in good health — sent a message saying he couldn't come because it was too far to travel.
Source: Daily Mail

While useful, these activities are such trivial uses of voice assistants you have to wonder why anyone ever bothered – and, in the face of such overwhelming indifference, why vendors continue to throw billions at their development.
Source: The Register

Something that may be trivial could be a trigger for something that is a sign of a possible genetic disease.
Source: Battling Cystinosis: Perspectives from a Doctor and a Patient Turned Advocate | Insights Holland & Knight

Winetraub said that “internet communication is not something that is trivial to do in space.
Source: Cointelegraph

The jump in price for the larger straps is a fairly trivial £5-£10, while the difference for a Cellular smartwatch is more considerable at around £75.
Source: TechRadar

Ramsay de Give for The New York Times“Actors are breathing in huge amounts of air to project out for hours — it’s not a trivial event to breathe this stuff in, and their voices are blown the next day if we blow the call,” Holden said.
Source: The New York Times

Insisting that attention from the media is always something you have to deal with, De Gea provided insight into his key moment of appreciating the sheer stature of the club, as even the most trivial of stories can be seen as newsworthy.
Source: Man Utd

The residents of Letterkenny belong to one of three groups: the Hicks, the Skids, and the Hockey Players, who are constantly feuding over seemingly trivial matters that often end with someone getting their ass kicked.
Source: Disney Plus Informer

Some parts are connected using magnets, making it trivial to take the coffee machine apart and put them back together again.
Source: Yanko Design

Bösl says: “Grabbing a flexible part, guiding it and placing it accurately into a socket may be a trivial task for humans, but it has been basically impossible to complete for industrial robots.
Source: Robotics and Automation News

— Grace RaynorVirginiaThe Cavaliers were struggling in Tony Elliott’s debut season, but on-field events became trivial after receivers Lavel Davis Jr.
Source: The Athletic

When you have to prove yourself a survivor day after day, how can something as trivial as cricket lump pressure on your shoulders? Pushpakumara's "just a game" mentality, seemingly shared by a number of his teammates, no doubt helped Sri Lanka deal with the trials they faced down Under.
Source: An Island's Eleven the Story of Sri Lankan Cricket ESPNcricinfo

“If you pause to think, it is a non-trivial accomplishment to go from being nonconscious, recumbent and immobile to being a thoughtful, conscious, attentive and productive human being, active, awake, and mobile.
Source: UC Berkeley

  A vertical split means the best move is trivial though, so while not playing 17.
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After all, life is awfully fragile and something as trivial as a tiny stick breaking in the woods can change its course.
Source: Climbing Magazine

 The recurring train horn is abrasive, but so is Scott’s style in general, so it’s somewhat trivial to criticize it.
Source: Indie Film Hustle

In fact, a person’s criminal history has become so trivial that although employers can ask a prospective candidate about it during pre-employment screenings or background checks, many states do not allow that employer to discriminate based on their findings.
Source: TheGamer

“A non-trivial fraction of these parts are now considered obsolete by the manufacturers,” Bermel added.
Source: The Washington Post

One might also admire Goldin’s very successful creative campaign contributions, but they lead to what ultimately feels like an anti-climax: a piece of gesture politics, trivial beside the harm reduction work, and similar, glimpsed earlier in the film.
Source: EyeForFilm

Computers: 1 / Reality: 0 — AI tech makes it trivial to generate harmful fake photos from a few social media pictures.
Source: Ars Technica

They came up with a simpler hypothesis, known as the “no low-energy trivial state” (NLTS) conjecture, which would have to be true if the quantum PCP conjecture is true.
Source: Nautilus Magazine

Comments she made, from the trivial to more serious and personal subjects like living with depression and suicidal ideations, were analysed and repeated by people twice her age.
Source: BBC

So in the same way that the FTC demanded that people running blogs years ago [make clear they] have affiliate links and make money from them, I think at a trivial level, people are going to be forced to make disclosures that ‘We wrote none of this.
Source: TechCrunch

The 2014-15 realized cap experienced the lowest, yet non-trivial capital outflow of 14%.
Source: Cointelegraph

“There is a feeling that the effect these animals can have is trivial [compared to a tropical forest],” he says, and that may be true when you look at one species in one location and the contribution it makes to carbon sequestration.
Source: One Earth

But before then, the experiment is set to begin with more trivial concerns: The first item on the research agenda for the project is making sure the system is fully charged.
Source: CNET

(Credit: vchalup / Adobe Stock)The physics of wormholesThe idea of a wormhole was born very shortly after the discovery of the first exact, non-trivial solution in General Relativity: the Schwarzschild solution, corresponding to a non-rotating black hole.
Source: Big Think

However, the Ultra edition includes a new ‘Precision Start’ feature, that lets you first open the workout up, then see the signal status before you begin: This might sound like a trivial thing, but for Apple it’s a moderately big deal.
Source: DC Rainmaker

As the years passed, his targets, goals (and wives) changed, but his obsession for winning stayed the same, whether what to be won was trivial or huge.

This may sound dull as dishwater, as it’s not exactly on par with the scope of the Union Depository heist in GTA V, but part of the charm of Bully is the idea that at one point in our lives, something as trivial as returning a library book on time or getting the best bike was the biggest worry on our minds.

With a price tag like that for some trivial fun, the next step was no mind-bender.
Source: WCAX

I think it’s a relatable sentiment today, that despite a constant push for self-care and self-improvement, you can still be starved for energy or motivation because something as trivial as say, doom-scrolling, sucks the life out of you.
Source: The Daily Gazette

Even over trivial things like energy drinks, the banter between them can seem mean-spirited on paper, but it’s all good fun.
Source: OffBeat Magazine

Once a large enough repertoire of quantum weirdness primitives is available to us, perhaps we will be able to combine them into a sufficiently complex sequence to generate a non-trivial attack.
Source: IAI

But even still, can’t we at least do something? That we take even a few sentences of a single article or tweet to point out these problems? Not every story or tweet about these games has to be a larger commentary on the companies that make them — that would be ridiculous to expect — but even a few? “There will always be selfish and entitled gamers, but it’s definitely been reassuring to see larger public recognition of the issue” People get the most random and trivial things trending on Twitter every day — how about doing the same once in a while for company misconduct? Alternatively, why not at least follow along or even promote the great work of advocacy groups like ABetterABK and A Better Ubisoft to stay informed? Regardless of what action you take, developers give so much of themselves to make the games we love, and the least we can do is continue to call for their employers to give them the treatment they deserve.
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At one point, he recalls a sentence he has read: “Observe, in short, how transient and trivial is all mortal life; yesterday a drop of semen, tomorrow a handful of spice and ashes … Wrong, wrong, wrong! I thought.
Source: Nautilus Magazine

  While rewriting pop songs as homages to flavors of ice cream may sound like trivial nonsense, it’s not easy.
Source: The Urbanist

The marketing challenge facing manufacturers looking to appeal to a wider demographic of consumers, elite athletes, and the medical market is non-trivial but is equally outside the expertise of today's consumer electronics kingmakers.
Source: IDTechEx

DL systems help optimize complex computational systems6, extracting non-trivial information hidden in big data7.

He added that once they had perfected procedural generation for a single planet, it was relatively trivial to extend it to many more.
Source: Wccftech

Geminis often work best when others can make seemingly trivial decisions for them, as they are both flexible and indecisive.
Source: Looper

Between onboarding new people to replace those lost in the turnover of the "great resignation" and establishing a remote or hybrid work environment, the challenge is not a trivial one.
Source: Healthcare IT News

The marketing challenge facing manufacturers looking to appeal to a wider demographic of consumers, elite athletes, and the medical market is non-trivial but is equally outside the expertise of today's consumer electronics kingmakers.
Source: PR Newswire

A deficiency of Vitamin D leads to osteomalacia and Osteoporosis, which is the reduction of bone mineral density that can cause tiredness, back pain, and fatigue and can lead to fractures from trivial falls.
Source: Free Press Journal

There’s even a speaker in the driver’s headrest to bark out warnings/commands to the driver to ensure those in the rear seat aren’t disturbed by trivial matters like navigation directions or a turn signal click-clacking away.
Source: Autoblog

With each trivial bribe, Waleed, Emad, and Nuhad gracefully navigate the labyrinthine parody of contemporary Palestinian society.
Source: Asian Movie Pulse

Look at this quote from Dave Trott in Orlando Woods’ Look Out "Laughter is a powerful motivation but, in current advertising, laughter is looked on as trivial and crass".
Source: Little Black Book LBBonline

As the problem size increases, kernel launch latency becomes trivial compared to kernel execution time and the performance difference eventually disappears.
Source: HPCwire

Answer: every four years the Heineken Champions Cup will forgo anything so trivial as its knockout stages, in order to see how a handful of New Zealand teams might compare against the best of Europe.
Source: The Guardian

 He says some people have misconceptions about puzzles, believing they are a trivial pursuit.

Unfortunately, as someone who felt a strong need for control, he managed to turn trivial issues into deal-breaking problems.
Source: Daily

Why the road?  Because you will never be bogged down by any of life’s trivial responsibilities like doing the laundry per Dylan.
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It’s all part of growing up but the moment I realized how unique each of us is, the easier it was for me to stop caring about trivial things and just focus on myself – and that made me a lot happier than I was in a while.
Source: Hack Spirit

ChatGPT, trained through a mix of crunching billions of text documents and human coaching, is fully capable of the incredibly trivial and surreally entertaining, but it’s also one of the general public’s first looks at something scarily good enough at mimicking human output to possibly take some of their jobs.
Source: The Intercept

I could just about manage, but it certainly wasn't trivial – bear in mind you can only use one hand, as you need the other to work the clamp.

[Photo courtesy of Minnetronix Medical]Despite similar foundational architecture between RF and PFA, achieving the desired clinical outcomes is not trivial and can require many iterations.
Source: Medical Design & Outsourcing

A T2T genome (as it’s called) for dogs is not out of the question, Ostrander said, but the decision isn’t a trivial one, as it will shape genetic research in the field for years to come.
Source: The Daily Beast

But no matter how trivial or seemingly pointless things in our life may seem, it can be hard to let them go.
Source: PC Gamer

If the filmmakers had leaned more into that instead of painting a safe and schmaltzy portrait of cancer or found more time to explore their insecurities and how such things become trivial and nonexistent when time is running out (there is at least one scene that accomplishes this), it would be fine that everything is spoiled from the beginning.
Source: Movie Review Flickering Myth

The notion that a sport is sullied when played for pay won’t garner much support these days even in the tweediest corners of the USGA and R&A, yet there remains a debate within golf over that gray area dividing worthy competition from trivial entertainment.
Source: Golfweek

And they argue that it’d be trivial for adversaries to work around.
Source: TechCrunch

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