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More significantly, the company’s most powerful machine, the Mac Pro, is still nowhere to be seen, aside from a vague hint during the Mac Studio announcement in spring of this year.
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Other verified users expressed vague excitement through single word comments including "Exciting!" and "Wow.
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Complimentary to Eri Yu’s performance, Hidetoshi Nishijima, as Kei, conveys a man on edge with vague notions of where his strong feelings are coming from but unable to articulate them to himself or his partner.
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Because of these vague parameters, steampunk games are usually a mix of genres, especially horror, fantasy, and sci-fi.
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For the first 30 minutes, these conversations are relatively compelling, touching on whether or not the old man intends to hurt Joe and a vague summary of what brought Joe out here.
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“Where will you be the minute you wake up dead?” An unknown caller repeatedly makes that vague threat throughout the appropriately titled The Minute You Wake Up Dead, which concerns a small-town businessman dealing with backlash from its residents for a bad stock advice tip that relied on a merger between two companies, one that ultimately did not go through.
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The vague definition has led to an explosion of websites such as Pettable, CertaPet and US Service Animals advertising how easy it is to qualify, even by remote appointment, in a couple of days.
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The report notes that, when departments were asked to supply reasons for requesting an armored personnel carrier, they tended to give vague answers, such as “for active shooters” and “for high-risk operations.
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Indeed, the internet is filled with articles like “29 Powerful & Inspirational Will Smith Quotes,” which feature quotes by Smith that are often vague and are not linked to the original source — be it a magazine interview with Smith, a speech he made, or a video he uploaded, like the one above.

Scientists fear that they will be replaced by vague promises.
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It’s why instead of vague threats from the White House, Sam Bankman-Fried gets a gushy tweet from Democratic Rep.
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I like to look back over my reads the way I look at my own Instagram stories, to feel some kind of vague pride, or perhaps a drop of serotonin.
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This is just vague enough that it could be a nonspecific reference to the future of the royal family as an institution.

Saidov’s view, many of the HR laws around AI right now, including the one in New York, are still in a somewhat ambiguous state, partly because the laws are often too vague even in the definition of what AI actually does.
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I'm sure it's all about schedules, previous workings and happenstance, but it does look like there is quite a lot on her plate suddenly… Emma Kubert Triple Threat With Stoneheart From Image Comics "In Stoneheart, the bubbly and headstrong Shayde Whisper has been inexplicably exiled from her magical guild and relocated—left only with vague memories and romanticized hope.
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The vague language fails to mention rock climbing, thus raising questions of liability.
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But these precise objectives have been replaced by “vague aims,” she complained in Nature last month.
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“I have a vague idea of which tree is Methuselah, but I’m not positive,” said Peter Brown, founder of Rocky Mountain Tree-Ring Research, which maintains a database of the world’s oldest trees.
Source: The Washington Post

Often we had only a vague understanding of who was aligned with whom heading into Tribal Council, which made the votes more confusing than dramatic.
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And sometimes they felt that the suggestions were too repetitive or vague and, as a result, didn’t add much value to their stories and essays.
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The website has the same design as Annex’s, and it is also full of vague and generic information.
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Offering a higher subscriber revenue split between the platform and streamers, (95 percent of subscriptions are said to go to streamers, compared to Twitch’s rate of 50 percent), and terms of service pledging more transparency around bans, something that Twitch has been notoriously vague about in the past.
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The donations are called a Courage and Civility Award, a somewhat vague title.
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But the sparse document is silent or vague on some of the key issues that lawmakers will face in the coming months.
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He suggests in his opinion piece that patients with already-confirmed AF might be among those to benefit most from smartwatch use: "Real-time AF detections can empower patients to identify triggers of their AF, to assess the effectiveness of various therapies, and to determine if vague or general symptoms are due to their arrhythmia or something else.
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Freedman said that PJ Library cast as wide a net as possible, using vague terminology in its application so applicants could choose their own definition of illustrator.
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“Strangers and vague acquaintances stopped her in the street asking how they might see her films,” Durant writes.
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He suggests in his opinion piece that patients with already-confirmed AF might be among those to benefit most from smartwatch use: “Real-time AF detections can empower patients to identify triggers of their AF, to assess the effectiveness of various therapies, and to determine if vague or general symptoms are due to their arrhythmia or something else.
Source: Eurasia Review

But the new name of Kylie Jenner's baby boy – who is no longer named Wolf – was symbolized by the vague placeholder of 'Baby Boy Webster.
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The company behind the app has been super vague about how many people use the app, but if you’re not familiar with it, it’s probably because a larger, more widely used behemoth is already operating in its place: TikTok.
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When Jemma (Keeley Bryant) questions Maude about the glass ceiling, Maude tells her patronizingly that she’s going to give her an answer that seems like it’s addressing the question but really isn’t, before launching into a vague comparison to the history of men’s clubs.
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A breathless but vague overnight statement from the Cabinet Office declared that ministers would hold crisis Cobra meetings on Monday and Wednesday to discuss “plans to limit disruption since unions first proposed strikes”.
Source: The Guardian

Develop a content ecosystemIt often starts with a vague idea.
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We're not in the mood for games on this day, nor will we let vague words go unexplained; all things will be worked out on this day.
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Servant leadership modelGreenleaf’s original premise for servant leadership was relatively vague compared to other leadership approaches and models, which has led to several interpretations of his original idea to either expand on the concept of servant leadership or help offer more specific guidelines to what servant leadership looks like in practice.
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1 million for a vague promotional gig.
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Unfortunately, fans will need to wait a little bit longer to get their hands on it as LumaTouch has yet to confirm a release date other than the vague window of the first half of 2022.
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Ubisoft had a lot to say about its “powerful portfolio of assets” and having the “richest pipeline of games” in the company’s history, vague gestures toward the future in a document usually promoting last quarter’s success.
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He can sing something as vague as “In this world, it’s just us / You know it’s not the same as it was” and make you feel that he really means it: probably the very definition of a good actor.
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Nothing is off the charts, as the job listing is quite vague regarding the project they are recruiting for.
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The possible mapping errors of these small lakes may mainly lie in the vague division boundary of urban and suburbs, for example, in the northeast of Fig.

Dobkin, the portfolio manager of LifeSci Master Fund, “will be entitled to receive certain fees and related compensation in the event that the Company completes a transaction with any of [LifeSci] Capital’s investment banking clients,” due to the fact that he also serves as a managing director for LifeSci Capital? LifeSci, rather than constructively engaging in the Company’s robust process, has instead chosen to selectively engage with Diffusion offering vague notions of pursuing unidentified potential transactions with unidentified counterparties.
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I had a hunch that intelligence is really important — but it was just a vague hunch that I had.
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The sanctuary said on Facebook: "Sadly, the information we have is very vague but we were told that a man was walking the street [in Manchester] with two husky-like dogs carrying the bucket of puppies in this freezing temperature.
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Even a self-lacerating ballad like Mutations highlight “Nobody’s Fault But My Own” is vague enough to mean just about anything.
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In a separate report, PPI economist Michael Mandel points to just how vague the legislation is.
Source: The News Journal

“I am not interested in hearing vague assurances that DHHR is ‘working on it.
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Moscow, meanwhile, remains vague on the goals of what it calls its "special military operation.
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Similarly, it will have different answers for similar questions — for example — Who is the greatest football player of the 21st century? will have a vague answer to “Who is statistically the greatest football player of the 21st century?” Will have more factual information and there will be no subjectivity in play.
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"Instead there were vague statements like 'you told us.
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READ MORE: 'I'm an ex flight attendant and I book the same seat on every flight' Pippa, her boyfriend and their dog travelled through Europe in their van for three weeks (Image: Instagram @LittleMCRHouse)"We only had a very vague idea of where we wanted to go when we left home and had made a list of landmarks we’d like to visit but we essentially played it by ear and followed the weather," Pippa said.
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My next call was to the OCM to ask what actions they took to verify that the recipients of these letters were 100% operating illegally: Did they send out investigators? Were these mainly complaint-driven warnings?The answer I received was short and vague.

He was vague about exactly where he found the Geo — he didn’t want to tip off the competition.
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If OFAC’s vague sanction of “Tornado Cash” is allowed to stand, it can sanction any protocol or asset in crypto.
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I think the message in the song is somewhat vague, actually, and that was intentional.
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 "I have a vague idea," Howard said of the game's launch window.

" In her August interview with The Cut, Meghan was vague when asked if the upcoming show would cover the couple's love story.
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Everything is very vague at the moment.
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While the administration will need to be vague about what particular forces it will deploy, it should communicate that it could include the full range of conventional capabilities we have in our arsenal, which Putin knows would devastate his military.

“They always use vague terms ‘the truth’, ‘my truth’, but nothing concrete is said,” the ex-staffer said.
Source: The Daily Beast

He notes vague legal language where agencies only need to work with small businesses when a regulation has a "significant impact" on a "substantial number of small entities.
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He called them “contemplative wall units”; others sometimes grouped them under the vague label “commodity art,” used to refer to the many artists who incorporated branding into their work.
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While Nolan’s vague implication that he and visual effects supervisor Andrew Jackson created a (fake) nuclear weapon is certainly attention-grabbing, so is his insistence that they did so “without the use of computer graphics.
Source: Polygon

Getty Images/iStockphoto The rule blathers on about the vague benefits of unionization.
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"Explaining his vague response, he told the guest: "You will think I'm being evasive and cagey, which I am because I don't know the value.
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But, according to reports, as the existing laws are vague on the issue, there are rampant sale of prescription drugs by the e-pharmacies in contravention to the prevailing laws.
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They attempt to sound passionate, but the lyrics don’t reach beyond a shapeless “started from the bottom” narrative and a vague shout out to the Resistance.
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“Anxiety is an emotional response to vague and potential threat, as manifested by a series of physiological reactions and avoidance,” said YU Xiaodan, the first author of the study.
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As CNBC reported earlier this week, details are currently vague regarding Starshield’s full scope, although the venture’s official website explains it “leverages SpaceX’s Starlink technology and launch capability to support national security efforts.
Source: Popular Science

In short, an end to sports setting and marking their own homework by commissioning ‘friendly’ research with vague or pre-determined outcomes.
Source: The Roar

Hartford police responded to the Sport and Science Medical Sciences Academy Friday morning after the school received a vague bomb threat and police said they did not find anything of concern while searching the school.
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Learn more Diablo 4 Closed Beta Release Time Prediction We already have a vague idea of when the closed beta will be taking place thanks to the recent developer update, which you can see above.
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During her undergraduate studies in biomedical sciences at the University of Warwick in England, Malek started developing chronic fatigue and chronic pain, vague symptoms that deteriorated into serious illness near the end of her degree.
Source: STAT

But many companies settle for revenue over profits or have vague notions of turning volume into value at some future date.
Source: McKinsey

They shortened the title of Michael Ausiello’s 2017 memoir “Spoiler Alert: The Hero Dies” to the generic and vague “Spoiler Alert” for the movie, but Michael Showalter’s warm, funny and moving adaptation makes it clear from the opening scene that we’re about to watch a love story that ends in tragic and premature death.
Source: Chicago Sun-Times

The article appropriately informed readers that technical challenges might make implementing a mass amnesty much harder than it sounds; that Twitter might find it difficult or impossible to identify banned accounts that had broken the law; that the term egregious spam is vague and subjective; and that Musk’s amnesty would definitionally restore accounts that had aggressively harassed others without breaking the law, among other potential downsides and ostensible problems.
Source: The Atlantic

The structures turn invisible in the diluted glycerin, making them difficult to spot… however, when you shake the snow globe, the snow microparticles rest on top of them, making their vague outline visible to you.
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She’s merely huffing the omnipresent and vague vibes of nostalgia.
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"One needs to put together the vague nature of what is under investigation with these extraordinarily wide ranging and general search terms," Meta lawyer Daniel Jowell told the panel of five judges.
Source: Reuters

Basically, while the defendant’s own counsel had challenged her criminal conviction by arguing that the statute was unconstitutionally vague and that her own prosecution had violated the First Amendment, the 9th Circuit panel had appointed amici to raise a broader theory that the law was unconstitutionally overbroad and invalid in all applications.
Source: SCOTUSblog

The EPA’s vague assurances only lead to more questions.
Source: Earth Island Journal

But the usage is certainly vague and confusing, not just to novice music lovers but even to people who have thought about music for years.
Source: The Imaginative Conservative

Currently, though, it is marketing that drives the sale of probiotics and prebiotics, using vague terms such as “gut health” and “digestive health.
Source: Health Dunya News

While vague and jargony, the comments are addressed to very real feelings of frustration and exhaustion in the Destiny community.
Source: Kotaku

Ubisoft said in 2020 that it was working on a new vision for the game and set a vague 2022 release window.
Source: TheThings

His sole mentions of the internet—vague acknowledgments that “Twitter and the meme dominate the presentation of reality” and that ours is an “era of fake news and Facebook”—fail to grasp that on the internet especially, more attentive, analytical reading is essential.
Source: The Atlantic

The steer-by-wire system is better than it was in its early implementations in the Q50 and Q60 sedans, but it still has a vague and somewhat disconnected feeling.
Source: 95octane

She asked her managers how she could be promoted to a permanent position, but was given a slew of vague suggestions.
Source: Kotaku

DeSana himself referred to them as “vague and ambiguous.
Source: Brooklyn Magazine

 However, the Lensa privacy policy adds that it may reach out to you to better understand your request "in case of a vague access, erasure, objection request or any other request in exercise of the mentioned rights.
Source: CNET

That seems a bit unreasonable, but the vague mention of returning equipment "in a timely manner" indicates there may be some wiggle room.
Source: CNET

biz, in which staff expressed joint concern about the publisher's vague plans to support LGBTQ+ initiatives during June.

While Xbox boss Phil Spencer seemingly loves to give vague statements about the nature of game exclusivity, he did tell The Verge that Call of Duty would stay on PlayStation consoles for “several more years” after the buyout is complete.
Source: Kotaku Australia

 Our patient presented with a chronic history of multiple vague complaints including nausea, vomiting, progressive malaise, vision changes, and weight loss.
Source: The Gazette

Despite the debtor’s objections to keep the customer list in strict confidence, and the reasoning that says the dissemination of the debtors’ customer list could cause harm to the clients, the “media intervenors” call these arguments “vague statements” that “do not appear to satisfy the evidentiary burden.
Source: Bitcoin News

Are they all wine bars? Or is the term so vague as to be meaningless? It might depend on whom you ask.
Source: The New York Times

The rule blathers on about the vague benefits of unionization.
Source: NBC Montana

'Most departments are not prepared to use their robots for lethal force'Many of the use policies already approved are vague as to armed robots, and some departments may presume they have implicit permission to deploy them, said John Lindsay-Poland, who has been monitoring implementation of the new law as part of the American Friends Service Committee.
Source: ABC News

The vertical slice introduces players to protagonist Frey Holland, and gives a vague glimpse at the main story, including essential lore and worldbuilding, which leads into the action of the demo.
Source: GamesHub

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