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Scarcity - Aveilut(The Flenser) Avant-garde composer and Glenn Branca collaborator Brendon Randall-Myers’ elaborate deconstruction of black metal feels less like an academic exercise and more a full-scale reimagining of the genre, a swirling vortex of writhing guitars that reached heights most metal bands would never dare ascend to.
Source: The Quietus

) And then we witness one of Butt-Head’s most malicious acts yet as he drives his cart back and forth across Beavis’ screaming and writhing body.
Source: CinemaBlend

The breakdown is a strummed affair whilst James Upton crushes a hand full of screaming licks as Polyzoides is on his knees writhing around, strumming hard on his battered guitar.
Source: Metal Planet Music

The sun is constantly writhing with activity, with plasma bubbling on its surface and giant sunspots opening and closing.
Source: Business Insider

The actors portraying each then morph into a careless crowd of people so involved with themselves and taking selfies on their smart phones that they don’t ever acknowledge the live individuals around them, until they literally collide with each other into a writhing group of clueless humanity.
Source: Eureka Times-Standard

 While clutching his microphone stand and writhing back and forth like a lion on the prowl, Keenan and his bandmates unleashed a tour de force performance of “Sober” from 1993’s “Undertow,” which flip-flops in the tour rotation opposite of “Opiate.
Source: Sonic Perspectives

In a dramatic physical performance, Charles dies an elaborate, extended death, lurching aggressively toward Merricat, and then writhing on the ground.
Source: Sightlines

With nothing else to do in Twycross after hours(occasionally the team visited Sega World in Tamworth), Botwood focused the writhing energies of youth into the game, working from early morning until 11 at night, with only a 30-minute lunch break.
Source: Pepperdine University Athletics

It’s the sort of moody preamble you can imagine Laura, coked out in her bedroom or in sordid nightclub the Pink Room, vibing and writhing to in slow-motion.
Source: IndieWire

The Reapers are a classic del Toro creature, the bottom half of their faces opening into fearsome gaping maws writhing with tentacles, leaving oversized blood-splatters in their wake – and adding Ron Perlman into the mix as a bald bounty hunter beefing with Blade is a blast.
Source: Empire

The coalition, which includes the Blue Marine Foundation, Sea Shepherd UK and Fauna and Flora International, said sequences showed decks “writhing with marine life” hauled onboard with trawl nets, including undersized crabs, dogfish and even a blue shark, listed as “near threatened” on the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s red list.
Source: The Guardian

There are so many things to love, from the spoken-word intro—‘You broke my heart / ’Cause I couldn’t dance’—to the explosive groove that hits as our narrator shows off his newfound dance-floor destroying skills: ‘I can mashed potato! I can do the twist! Now tell me baby, do you like it like this?’ You want more? How about a false ending and surprise return? And of course, the song features in Dirty Dancing; ‘Do You Love Me’ is the number that’s playing when Baby carries a watermelon across a writhing dance floor.
Source: Time Out

Like that time at the Moroccan restaurant, when the belly dancer was writhing past the diners and we decided to join her (much to our husbands’ mortification).
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That incident may not be real, but it’s also not far from reality, since Dongsoo’s torso soon sprouts myriad writhing tentacles from his new orifices that close his wounds and bring him back to life—a state of affairs that, as flashbacks illustrate, Dongsoo has lived with since childhood.
Source: The Daily Beast

First up was Iggy Pop, croaking in his signature style, prancing shirtless and writhing and thrashing on the ground.
Source: The New York Times

He cheerfully plopped into my arms a wooden box, secured all around with duct tape and with a wire mesh at the top, and right under the mesh, a swarm of bees writhing like a single organism.
Source: Resilience

  Naturally, frontman Maynard James Keenan was shirtless and writhing around the stage — at one point picking up what appears to be a raw chicken thigh that someone chucked near his feet.
Source: Revolver Magazine

The other women were bleeding as well, and writhing on the floor.
Source: Reuters

First up was Iggy Pop, croaking in his signature style, prancing shirtless and writhing and thrashing on the ground.
Source: The Indian Express

Needing a victory in a match fraught with geopolitical ramifications, the Americans won that, too, on a goal that left Christian Pulisic, after colliding with the Iranian goalkeeper, writhing with an injury later characterized, in some rather euphemistic nomenclature, as a “pelvic contusion.
Source: The New York Times

This sound was built upon over the next year for the 1987 follow-up, Music for the Masses, which saw Depeche Mode writhing in the shady salacious haze they had begun to embody on the musical map.
Source: Far Out Magazine

Inspired by the homeopathy and alternative medicine practiced by the artist’s mother, Despont’s works often hearken back to botanical forms as she renders petals and writhing stems in pastel hues.
Source: Colossal

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