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High-resolution scanning electron microscopy (FEG-SEM)A high-resolution field emission electron microscope (model JSM-7500F, JEOL)34,44,45 was used to acquire images for evaluation of the control and nanovit membrane surfaces, the surface of the nanovit membrane after release of vitamin D3 in absolute ethyl alcohol solution, and the size of the nanocellulose obtained from the cotton linter.

In January, Microsoft announced plans to acquire Activision Blizzard, which publishes first-person shooter games in the Call of Duty franchise, for close to $69 billion.
Source: CNBC

2: By      (Date)      I will develop or acquire scripts and locate a scripts partner to maximize the effectiveness of my communications.
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     ACQUISITIONS & MERGERS   Dalmia Cement to acquire cement assets of Jaypee Group for Rs 5,666 crore Jaypee Group have signed a binding agreement to sell its cement business to Dalmia Cement Bharat Limited (DCBL) ,wholly owned subsidiary of Dalmia Bharat Limitedat an enterprise value of Rs.

The clause continued, “We may terminate this Agreement upon notice to within thirty (30) days after we acquire knowledge thereof.

He recommends you ask yourself, "How do you acquire customers more efficiently? Focus on Return on Ad spend as your one big metric, and reset expectations.
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You may acquire a competitive advantage in the business market with the help of our Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing Devices market study.
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Saucy Brew Works, founded in 2017, announced Thursday that it would acquire the historic craft brewery.
Source: The Cincinnati Enquirer

The bond allows the schools to upgrade technology and science labs and aging classrooms, retrofit buildings for improved safety and security, and acquire facilities and equipment.
Source: NASA

Bibliophiles, here’s your chance to acquire a reliable e-book reader for very cheap, as the price of the 2022 Amazon Kindle has been slashed by 10%.
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06 December 2022 Cafeyn and Bonnier News Group AB have announced a new strategic partnership to acquire the non-Nordic activities of Swedish company Readly International AB, one of the main digital media subscription platforms in Europe.
Source: FIPP

The idea behind the game mode is you can acquire your favorite players (past and present) in order to build your own perfect team.
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“While severe vitamin D deficiency is rarer in Australia than elsewhere in the world, it can still affect those who have health vulnerabilities, the elderly, and those who do not acquire enough vitamin D from healthy sun exposure and dietary sources,” Sutherland says.
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There were several occasions where I couldn't acquire new gear within a stage because my inventory was full.
Source: Windows Central

Hartsfield acknowledged he filed an insurance claim after the fire and added that the insurance funds helped him acquire another food truck.
Source: The San Diego Union-Tribune

University of Michigan's Michigan Medicine plans to acquire the state's eighth largest health system, Lansing-based Sparrow Health.
Source: Crain's Detroit Business

Punching holes in the lineup in order to acquire a frontline starting pitcher could stall the launch, as Elias pointed out on Tuesday.

Players may acquire the Season Pass as part of the Chaotic Great Edition or purchase it separately if they own the base game.
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With money on the books, an inmate could acquire potato chips, candy, and toiletries from the prison commissary, send a few dollars to a wife or girlfriend, obtain an attorney, or with enough tests, make bail.
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 Final thoughtsKnowing who owns the most shares of Rivian can provide a key insight into a company – the largest holders can influence the share price when they acquire or sell their holdings.

Dolphins general manager Chris Grier realized this, and decided to sign a player with plenty of experience to help the Dolphins in their mission to acquire a spot in the postseason.
Source: CBS Sports

The only surefire, no-risk way to acquire the perfect gift for your Virgo is to inquire: you have to flat-out ask them what they want.
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However, the Louisiana Geologic Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide Act (the “Act”) does not prohibit mineral interest owners from drilling through approved storage reservoirs in search for minerals, thus project operators must successfully acquire binding contractual agreements from all affected mineral owners to qualify for these valuable credits.
Source: The Energy Law Blog

Some Telegram channels, for example, reported on equipment shortages at the front and started crowdfunding to acquire radios, medicine, drones, body armor, and night-vision devices.
Source: Foreign Affairs Magazine

Kennedy quoted a 2006 Ohio Supreme Court ruling that the city of Norwood, near Cincinnati, couldn’t use eminent domain to acquire property that was deemed to be “in danger” of becoming a blighted area.

"It took us a long time to be able to acquire that.
Source: Napa Valley Register

Video Streaming Giant Edges Out Three Competitors Vying for 300 Acres on Former Army BaseA map depicts the so-called Mega Parcel at Fort Monmouth in New Jersey that Netflix is looking to acquire.
Source: CoStar Group

QBs should be drafted in the first round and it should never be easy to acquire one off waivers.
Source: Eight ways to make your smaller league feel more fun, challenging and exciting ESPN

Snap up some exclusives NOT DONE: By this point, given the company's market cap, Apple could go all Thanos, click its finger and acquire Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo if it wanted to.
Source: IGN

“When the opportunity came to us to acquire a brand like Mac’s, we all knew it was a perfect fit.
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For instance,In 2019, Comvita established a Conditional Agreement to acquire the remaining 49% of Comvita China Ltd.
Source: Benzinga

Related: Tencent and Sony acquire over 30% of Elden Ring developer FromSoftware Boundless is an open-world sandbox MMO game and was developed by Turbulenz.

 While Piccoli is still in the initial stages of developing a strategy for her department and curatorial position, she says she would like the Mia’s collection to acquire art of the early 20th-century and earlier, rather than contemporary art or late 20th-century art.
Source: MPR News

08% in midday trading after the company announced it will acquire Vivint Smart Home for $12 per share, or $2.
Source: CNBC

The panel titled “Open Science, Open Source: Innovation for All” was moderated by ASU Knowledge Enterprise Chief Information Officer Sean Dudley, and the discussion quickly identified a socioeconomic gap: Not every institution can afford or has the technical prowess to acquire or maintain licenses for technologies.
Source: ASU News Now

 And so the interesting thing about that is that what organizations are really looking to acquire are much more sophisticated tools that allow for greater capabilities and more sophisticated customer journey and mapping and that kind of thing.
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playBraves acquire Sean Murphy as part of a 3-team trade (0:40)Kiley McDaniel breaks down the three-team trade between the Braves, Brewers and Athletics that features Sean Murhpy going to Atlanta.
Source: ESPN

The company has said that it plans to establish new studios and acquire others with the proceeds of the sale.
Source: Xfire

The Biden Justice Department, which will participate in oral arguments, supports Colorado, stressing that public accommodations laws “guarantee equal access to the Nation’s commercial life by ensuring that all Americans can acquire whatever products and services they choose on the same terms and conditions as are offered to other members of the public.
Source: CNN

During that period, players will be able to acquire some of the creatures by participating in challenging tournaments, and others through in-app purchase.
Source: European Gaming Industry News

We’ve seen what it can do for our success, and to be able to acquire somebody that we think is a pretty good starter prospect and help balance our bullpen a little bit, that was kind of the impetus for this.

While most of the “Treasures” or “Bric-a-Brac” tiered items you’ll simply find on your standard journey, it’s the “Iconic” tiered gear that requires some extra work, and the assistance of the “Dragon Daggers” and the “Fortune Finder”, two tools that Erik and Mia acquire that help you to find the valuables you’re chasing.
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Regardless of what happens with Burks moving forward, Okonkwo has earned more playing time and will surely be paying off whatever little FAAB you paid to acquire him.

That doesn’t change the most obvious problem here — there’s no alternative for players to acquire digital-only games released for 3DS and Wii U, and no clear means of preserving them for history’s sake.
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Times have been tough According to the original agreement between Zynga and Take-Two, the latter is due to acquire the former in a cash and stock transaction likely no later than at the end of June of this year.
Source: Seeking Alpha

What Is Microsoft's Deal With Activision? Last January, Microsoft announced its plan to acquire Activision Blizzard (ATVI), one of the world's leading game developers and interactive entertainment content publishers, for $95 per share in an all-cash transaction valued at $68.
Source: Seeking Alpha

Not only would they need to decide as a community that it was a direction they wanted to go, she said, but most cities that acquire property for managed camping authorize a provider to manage the campsite.
Source: Citizen Times

Data collected as part of the western/southwestern Utah survey is part of a national-scale effort to acquire modern high-resolutiuon airborne magnetic and radiometric data.
Source: United States Geological Survey (.gov)

The company spent $70,000 to acquire a sophisticated gas measurement device from Finland that could be used to assess air quality indoors after fires, a spokesperson said.
Source: Fortune

They reportedly were trying to acquire Thomas, but when Arizona asked for prospect Brett Baty, the Mets decided to hang onto him and just sign Nimmo instead.
Source: MLB Trade Rumors

On October 24, SSR Mining announced that it has agreed to acquire an additional 30% ownership in the Kartaltepe Mining venture at the Ҫӧpler District in Turkey from partner Lidya Mining for $150 million in cash, which will raise its ownership stake in the Ҫӧpler District to 80%.
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The former Soviet military officer was serving a 25-year prison sentence in the United States on charges of conspiring to kill Americans, acquire and export anti-aircraft missiles, and provide material support to a terrorist organization.
Source: CNN

Spencer claimed that on the day Sony announced its intention to acquire Activision Blizzard, he and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella called Sony to assure them that Call of Duty would remain available for PlayStation if the acquisition was approved.
Source: Appuals

By ingesting such large volumes of data, the models learn the complex patterns and structure of language and acquire the ability to interpret the desired outcome of a user’s request.
Source: The Conversation

She became interested in host–pathogen interactions as a druggable target: Although viruses rapidly acquire resistance to antiretrovirals, host proteins are much more stable.
Source: ASBMB Today

58 billion to acquire 42% more stake.
Source: TechCrunch

Though players can purchase season pass tiers to instantly unlock rewards, this can't be done to instantly acquire Season Boosts, as certain leveling milestones must be reached in order for the boosts to become active.
Source: GameSpot

It was clear it was over for Anderson in Carolina and teams weren't going to rush to fork over draft capital to acquire him.
Source: Yahoo Sports

Any more land the pair acquire will see India's government stump up half the cost.
Source: The Register

The Braves are considered the frontrunners to acquire the former Gold Glove winner, though other teams remain in the mix.
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Earth MRI is a partnership between the USGS, state geological surveys and industry to acquire new geologic maps, geophysical surveys and lidar data to better understand the fundamental geologic framework of areas across the nation with potential for hosting critical mineral resources.
Source: United States Geological Survey (.gov)

The only other option would be a trade to acquire Bryan Reynolds via trade with the Pirates but they don’t appear intent on trading him this week and the prospect cost will be great.

by William D'Angelo , posted on 10 October 2022 / 1,918 ViewsEmbracer Group in May of this year announced it entered an agreement to acquire Crystal Dynamics, Eidos Montreal, and Square Enix Montreal from Square Enix.
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The ruling parties have already agreed on the need for Japan to acquire an enemy base strike capability, a major development for a nation long committed to its exclusively defense-oriented policy.
Source: Kyodo News Plus

Previously, Furakawa has taken a similar view on acquisitions, though has also stated that Nintendo could acquire companies if they “need to respond to rapidly advancing technological innovation.
Source: GamingBolt

During early development, these synapses are believed to help the brain acquire the massive amounts of information that babies need to learn about their environment and how to interact with it.
Source: India Education Diary

I was a freshman in college when "Reservoir Dogs" wended its way through art houses and campus theaters across the United States, and, in the mostly pre-internet era of the early '90s, it was rare to see a movie acquire a devoted cult following so rapidly sans home video release.
Source: /Film

French containership giant CMA CGM has signed an agreement to acquire two terminals at the Port of New York and New Jersey operated by Global Container Terminals Inc.
Source: CSCMP's Supply Chain Quarterly

When Voyager and Celsius froze customer accounts starting in June, Nexo quickly reacted by publicly displaying its financial resilience, making an offer to acquire "qualifying assets" of Celsius.
Source: Yahoo Finance

Instead, she added, when Meta heard a rumor that Within was being pursued by Apple, it decided instead “to just acquire the market leader” in the space.
Source: The Associated Press en Español

And it came to pass that thou shalt acquire a blender of thy choice.
Source: Kansas Reflector

The administrators are attempting to seek out potential buyers to acquire the business, however, at this time we have made the decision to halt any trading.
Source: Bristol Live

Of course, you’re trying to acquire the player if he’s a free agent.
Source: The Athletic

He gave up being a vegetarian and started eating meat to acquire more protein and perhaps speed up the healing of his burns.
Source: Music in Minnesota

3 percent of the net voting shares for Ubisoft, is potentially in talks to work with a private equity firm in an effort to fully acquire the company.
Source: Dot Esports

A music-focused DAO like Pleasr may acquire bulk concert tickets, finance and organise events and manage fan-owned record labels and marketing agencies to secure investable commodities like first-edition LPs, artwork and instruments.
Source: The Conversation Indonesia

Blinken last week announced $53 million in bilateral aid to help Ukraine acquire “critical electricity grid equipment” — on top of another $55 million for emergency energy sector support, such as for generators.
Source: Los Angeles Times

 Although the event is practice, students acquire hours for their cosmetology license while working the salon.
Source: Tyler Morning Telegraph

“We continue to believe that our deal to acquire Activision Blizzard will expand competition and create more opportunities for gamers and game developers,” Smith tweeted.

The copyright issue arises because Apogee merely licensed Prince's work, and so when Gearbox purchased the Duke Nukem property in 2010, it did not acquire the music.

Bruker announces agreement to acquire Neurescence Inc.
Source: News-Medical.Net

" Buying second-hand is one way to acquire good quality furniture without breaking the bank.
Source: Newshub

Button’s platform has established itself as the solution growth marketers are turning to as they navigate the challenges related to privacy changes and rising costs to acquire users.
Source: MarTech Series

“As a collector of fashion items, trading cards, and comics, I like to know that the items I acquire are authentic.
Source: Yahoo Finance

Tennessee chain Food City said in August that it is set to acquire Cooke’s Food Store/Fresh n’ Low stores as it continues to expand its reach in the region.
Source: Modern Retail

7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced an agreement to acquire Octo, a U.
Source: IBM Newsroom

Free agents Michael Brantley and Michael Conforto are among the most obvious fits, but the Jays could also ship one-third of that catching triumvirate out as part of a deal to acquire a younger left-handed bat and/or additional reinforcements to a bullpen that could still benefit from an arm or two.
Source: MLB Trade Rumors

reverse mortgage lender by volume) plans to acquire assets of the top HECM lender, American Advisors Group.
Source: Mortgage News Daily

Left-handed reliever: Manager Dusty Baker’s desire for a left-handed reliever led the Astros to acquire Will Smith from Atlanta at the Trade Deadline, but he wasn’t used in the playoffs and is a free agent.

How did the Ackland acquire this collection of drawings by Rembrandt and his contemporaries?The drawings are from the Peck Collection, which was donated in 2017 by Dr.
Source: The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Thirdly, SBF also loaned The Block’s CEO a whopping $16 million earlier this year to enable him to acquire private real estate.
Source: The Crypto Basic

17, the Toronto Star's Nick Kypreos wondered if there was a way for the Maple Leafs to acquire Karlsson.
Source: Bleacher Report

ArcelorMittal says it has signed paperwork to acquire Netherlands-based ferrous scrap recycling company Riwald Recycling, with the transaction expected to close in January 2023.
Source: Recycling Today

Trades are your opportunity to look at your teams, identify strengths and weaknesses, and identify specific players to acquire to help accentuate the strengths and/or minimize the weaknesses.
Source: How to win your fantasy league ESPN

Meta announced last October its plan to acquire Within, the maker of the popular virtual reality fitness app Supernatural, for an undisclosed sum.
Source: Yahoo Finance

"Kroger announced plans in October to acquire Albertsons in a deal valued at $24.
Source: CNBC

​​ Get to Experience a collaborative environment where teamwork is celebrated with flexibility that enhances balance and an inclusive atmosphere that is welcoming to all!​​ Have the Opportunity to chart your own course, challenge yourself, and acquire new capabilities to build a rewarding and fulfilling career.
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