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com arena, assuming its exposure in the FTX catastrophe (opens in new tab) doesn't force a name change before then.
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CBS News reports that Paul Whelan’s brother has described the swap that freed Griner but left the detained American security executive behind as a “catastrophe”:NEW: Paul Whelan's brother says the US government advised the Whelan family yesterday that he would not be part of the swap.
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For McCarthy, the debt ceiling debate will represent one of his most difficult balancing acts if he’s elected speaker: He would need to work with Senate Democrats and President Joe Biden to cut a deal and avoid economic catastrophe without angering his emboldened right flank for caving into the left.
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Will you help to match their lead gift? We've raised $89,000 toward our $225,000 year-end goal! Donate More than 1,746 donors have already made gifts during our year-end campaign! The Pacific Earthquakes, storm surges and other natural disasters could mean environmental catastrophe if oil and other hazardous material spill out.
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Multicopy plasmid instability: the dimer catastrophe hypothesis.

Senate voted overwhelmingly last week to force rail workers and management to ratify a labor agreement, averting a worker strike that experts worried could bring nationwide economic catastrophe.

That’s true for global climate catastrophe and it’s true for my own backyard.
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What’s happened to good old Looney Tunes-esque farce hijinks — with the pathetic exception of the catastrophe known as Space Jam 2? Sometimes, cartoons should just be aimed at kids.

Special Interest, Endure When Earth's human race finally meets its demise — whether via climate catastrophe or impending asteroid or zombie apocalypse — the sound emitting from the last nightclub standing amid the rubble might sound like Special Interest's Endure.
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WARSAW, Poland (AP) — Germany’s environment minister said the mass die-off of fish in the Oder River is an ecological catastrophe and it isn’t clear yet how long it will take the river to recover.
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The section on the AIDS crisis is crushing, and it’s a reflection of Poitras’s ethical politics and grasp on her subject that she spends so much time on friends of Goldin’s who didn’t make it out of the catastrophe alive, including the artist David Wojnarowicz, a dazzling, furious genius who died in 1992.
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Nathalie Mohadjer for The New York Times“We’re not in a catastrophe film,” Olivier Véran, the French government spokesman, said on French television last week.
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Despite decades of lobbying, petitions, marches and civil disobedience, planet-heating fossil fuel emissions are at an all-time high, and the window to avert further climate catastrophe is closing.
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As per FlixPatrol, the colossal commercial catastrophe has fulfilled its destiny on the iTunes most-watched list, so maybe one or two people are lamenting the lack of sequels.
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The catastrophe brought newer challenges for mankind.
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The 2012 game takes place in the fictional town of Haventon, approximately one year after a mysterious catastrophe known only as "The Event," which has left resources scarce, a dangerous and toxic environment, and, of course, a broken society full of different groups of survivors.
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Through that, it makes climate catastrophe a burning and immediate reality.
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  Perennial human punching bag Ethan Suplee plays Dewey, the hapless conductor who lets his train get away from him and instigates the potential for massive catastrophe (way to go, man).
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The date of the catastrophe — July 29, 2022 — is “emblazoned in my head,” Zagar told Billy Penn.
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Instead, this substance caused a catastrophe that engulfed the planet and the surrounding stars in flames and storms, forming a Burning Star System.
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While this can sound like a sartorial catastrophe for some, TikTokers are urging us to embrace the messy vibes with the "frazzled English woman" trend.
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They include expanding our 401(k) to an additional 2% company-paid contribution and offering new and expanded leave programs, enhanced vacation leave, grandparent leave, home catastrophe leave, and our paid parental leave.
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The change works, since “Miserable Life” sets the parameters for what happens throughout the whole show: Beloved Christmas characters grow up, get jaded and traumatized, confess their troubles to a kindly and only occasionally incredulous bartender, then head out into the world slightly better off — even if, in this case, there’s a horrendous honking catastrophe in their immediate future.
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)Read: Have the crypto bosses learned anything at all?None of this might have mattered if not for the vicissitudes of the business cycle and the sudden catastrophe of the coronavirus pandemic.
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“Well,” Lippmann replied, “if you believe that Johnson’s re-election would be a catastrophe for the country — and I entirely agree with you on this — then the question you must live with is whether you did everything you could to avert this catastrophe.

According to forecasts, this winter should be fairly mild in Europe, which will help prevent a near-term catastrophe but is only a temporary reprieve.
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It’s possible, perhaps even likely, that luck is the only reason we’ve avoided catastrophe so far.
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And he talked about our phones and the society we live in, which is this digital input: In one second, we’re seeing the catastrophe of the nightclub shooting last night.
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His address to the Duma and the Federation Council in 2005 is well known because of a now-familiar quote, “It should be recognized that the collapse of the Soviet Union was the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the century.
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As a fellow researcher who has studied audience engagement with online atrocity propaganda, including jihadi beheadings and other unmentionable cruelties, I was particularly keen to ask him about the problem of distortion and how overexposure to extreme online material can warp people’s view of the world so that, in a reverse process of desensitization, they become ever more alert to premonitions of catastrophe and societal collapse.
Source: The Atlantic

Turning the tide on climate catastrophe might seem ambitious for a four-day festival held in a 104-year-old hotel, but real change doesn’t trickle down, it grows from the soil up, as Guru Das Bock from the DRY Co-op puts it in his presentation at the weekend’s Sonoran Desert Sustainability Summit.
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Blackouts and power rationing are designed to prioritize critical infrastructure, Kiral said, but further attacks might yet "may result in an unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe with winter approaching and temperatures already below zero.
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Moscow and Kyiv have repeatedly accused each other of threatening to trigger a nuclear catastrophe at the site, which has been under Russian control since the early days of the war but is located near the front line.
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The catastrophe in Kusiong, populated mostly by the Teduray ethnic minority group, was particularly tragic because its more than 2,000 villagers have carried out disaster-preparedness drills every year for decades to brace for a tsunami because of a deadly history.
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The only survivors of the catastrophe will stand again to try to stop the world's end.
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Avoiding another catastrophe like that is high on the list of priorities for the city’s leaders, and that’s why they’re pushing to finish the flood protection program on time.
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Instead, the substance caused a catastrophe that engulfed the planet and the surrounding stars in flames and storms, forming a Burning Star System.
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Ukrainians live in the fear of nuclear attack or catastrophe in the occupied Zaporizhzhia power plant.
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A complicated deal in the form of the Budget Control Act of 2011, which imposed discretionary spending caps for a decade, meant catastrophe was averted, but threats from Republicans could produce a similar showdown next year.
Source: Brookings Institution

Marsha BlackburnIf Ticketmaster’s Taylor Swift presale catastrophe taught us anything about the state of online ticket sales, it’s that the real market for live music experiences is not the market fans think they’re dealing with.

Kansas City Chiefs (10-3): Travis Kelce summed up the Chiefs’ flaws and their hopes perfectly after they avoided catastrophe against the Broncos on Sunday.
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We will continue to show up to help elect people who have most of our values in mind and help avoid a catastrophe like we did this past election.
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So the recent cryptocurrency catastrophe has had economic ripple effects.
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That prevented the animals from crisscrossing adjacent territories as they migrated, hunted and mated, resulting in a catastrophe for the cats' genetic diversity.
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In season 3, Jack Ryan races against the clock to stop a cascade of destabilizing conflicts from leading to global catastrophe.
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  “The bill I’m about to sign ends a difficult rail dispute and helps our nation avoid what, without a doubt, would have been an economic catastrophe at a very bad time in the calendar.
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Court filings reveal that the firm has faced numerous challenges, including being “Severely impacted by, among other things, an elevated number of severe weather events giving rise to catastrophe losses (particularly losses stemming from FNHC’s non-Florida books of business), rate issues, and litigation abuse.
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The most direct path to catastrophe is to treat complex problems as if they’re obvious to everyone.
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Warsaw — Germany's environment minister said the mass die-off of fish in the Oder River is an ecological catastrophe and it isn't clear yet how long it will take for the river to recover.
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"We so desensitized to catastrophe at this point it's like well what's next.
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Following the leak, analysts said it would not mean catastrophe for Take-Two (TTWO) as it shows a game clearly in development and likely won't impact reception or sales.
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You see, Dolos, the name both of the company that funds your ambitious endeavour into space and the CEO whose philanthropic proclamations sound fishy even before catastrophe strikes, means “malice” in Greek, which, in retrospect, paints the 'accident' that nearly wipes out the species in an entirely new light.
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This season, the internet was ablaze during the corny, cringey catastrophe that was Mexican Week.
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When he learns that the leader of the organisation, Henri Ducard, aka Ra’s al Ghul, (Liam Neeson) wants to destroy Gotham, Wayne returns to his city as Batman to stop the catastrophe with help of his love interest Rachel Dawes (Katie Holmes).
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— Randy Krehbiel, Tulsa WorldFeatured video: Biden signs rail deal averting “economic catastrophe” President Joe Biden signed a bill Friday to avert a freight rail strike that he said could have plunged the U.
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Forged in the fires of history and imagination, her alchemical poetry transforms the stuff of catastrophe into an alertness to hope despite despair.
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However, he added that the size difference of the creatures could explain why relatives of wonderchicken survived the catastrophe 66m years ago, but those of Janavis did not.
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Mines, underwater explosions, and power sonar from Russian submarines have caused an environmental catastrophe for marine wildlife.
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Toward the end of its run, the tour had been whittled down to about 30 minutes and focused primarily on movie props and the staged filming of a catastrophe scene.
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But while homesteaders and backyard amateurs can add vital pockets of pollinators to even the most urban landscapes, the professionals in Florida worry about the next climate catastrophe on the calendar – the megadrought out west.
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Climate catastrophe has struck; whole cities and towns are now submerged.
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dun dun dun dun dun," signaling that a shark-sized catastrophe is going to emerge from the depths and eat you alive.
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You're explaining your affection for Zorba the Greek and his exuberant line, of course, "I've been married, wife, house, kids, everything, the full catastrophe.

Ironman XC is like catastrophe practice.
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The disappearance of Phillips and Pereira caused international outrage and exposed the environmental catastrophe unfolding under former president Jair Bolsonaro’s forest-wrecking administration.
Source: The Guardian US

Oxxxymiron, 37, whose real name is Miron Fyodorov, called the Kremlin's offensive in Ukraine a "catastrophe and a crime” right after it started in February.
Source: Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty

The Xaver 1000 is a crucial device for military, law enforcement, search and rescue teams, and intelligence units working in various scenarios, such as dangerous urban environments and catastrophe sites.
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We organised rescue helicopters from the mainland, while attempting to keep the potential catastrophe a secret from the scuba-diving students.
Source: The Guardian

But what if looking right into the heart of catastrophe could actually get us to act? In “Evanston,” something pulsing and dark and Lovecraftian wants us dead—got it.
Source: The New Yorker

If last week was a mixed bag of flatness for the largest coins, this week offered the first real signs of gains following the catastrophe of FTX’s spiral into bankruptcy.
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This book, too, is about a country in transition: in this case, the emergence of modern Germany from the catastrophe of the Third Reich and the wreckage of the Second World War.
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On its worst day, it is an explosive catastrophe that incinerates anything that gets too close.
Source: The New York Times

Related: Will Grayscale be the next FTX?Despite this, FTX is not the biggest catastrophe of the year for crypto, it says, with the Terra LUNA debacle and Three Arrows Capital (3AC) insolvency more pressing.
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The handoff is a carefully orchestrated task, but one that could end in catastrophe if executed incorrectly.
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In the Hungarian parliament, state secretary Balazs Orban said this week that polluted water from the Nizna Slana iron mine has been flowing into the river without any dilution or treatment, which "has caused a serious ecological catastrophe on the Slovak part of the river.
Source: Euronews

"So is Queen Bey's house banger "Break My Soul" — which comfortably debuted within the Top 20 on the Hot 100, according to Billboard — "an anthem for the Great Resignation," as CNN hints?Or is it a warning sign for economic catastrophe looming just around the bend?We can't say for sure just yet — but at least the beats will be fat, even if our wallets aren't.
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Last year, the catastrophe was the opposite: People drowned in subway cars as torrential summer rain flooded tunnels in the inland metropolis of Zhengzhou.
Source: The New York Times

Todd Howard took the lead for Redguard, and told German publication Gamestar (via Kotaku) back in 2014 that both it and Battlespire almost spelled catastrophe for Bethesda.
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      Aquarius Aquarius is an air sign, and air signs tend to blame themselves when a catastrophe occurs.

1 million federal grant”: Given the correlation between animal agriculture and the climate catastrophe, I wish government grants would expand local vegan food operations.

6 millionDisaster movies are very often of their times, designed to be enjoyed and discarded in favor of the next star-studded catastrophe to come out of Hollywood.
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On its worst day, it is an explosive catastrophe that incinerates anything that gets too close.
Source: The New York Times

Lethal business Leelabai [pictured] says their eyes burned, and people started vomiting on the night of the Bhopal disaster [Shreegireesh Jalihal/Al Jazeera] It was the death of a technician from phosgene poisoning on a cold Christmas eve in 1981 that first foretold an impending catastrophe and revealed cracks in the UCC factory in Bhopal.
Source: Al Jazeera English

(TNS) - A report released this week by a community working group lays out the growing catastrophe Oahu's North Shore will face in the coming decades amid accelerated sea level rise, while providing a framework for policymakers to devise immediate and incremental strategies for adapting to environmental realities.
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When the Bynars stage an imminent engineering catastrophe that requires everyone to evacuate, we see the step-by-step sequence in which the ruse was set up and how it plays out.
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‘Unless there is a global catastrophe — a meteorite impact, a world war or a pandemic — mankind will remain a major environmental force for many millennia,’ he wrote.
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First, there were the stories of humanitarian workers teetering between miracle and catastrophe in “Insofar as the Impossible.
Source: The New York Times

Holmes explores a compelling idea – an eerily quiet global catastrophe is an opportunity for two middle-aged people to drop their guard and enjoy the pleasures of fresh companionship.
Source: Decider

But he underscored that imposing the deal “was the right thing to do at the moment”, thanking Congress for preventing “economic catastrophe at a very bad time on the calendar”.
Source: Al Jazeera English

After years of Nye spreading the gospel of science, with a focus on enriching the greater good, he’s realized that sometimes a spoonful of sugar — or, in this case, a big-budget cinematic catastrophe — will help the medicine go down.
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“For the moment, this revolution is catastrophic, an ecological catastrophe because all the objects connected need a lot, a lot, a lot of things to it, and for the moment, we haven’t got standards to have a circular economy with that,” Cormand said.

’ What Suzume finds is a single weathered door standing upright in the midst of ruins as though it was shielded from whatever catastrophe struck.

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