Using "haggard" in a sentence

As for Neptune, it features Thiaki Station, a haggard structure that is barely functional.
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In 2014’s It Follows, the shapeshifting “it” that followed took the resting form of a haggard old woman, perpetually stalking closer and closer; in 2009’s Drag Me to Hell, it’s an elderly lady who curses the protagonist to the titular location.

A new issue of the publication had just hit the newsstands, and all over the city, on its cover, was the caricatured image of a sickly, haggard Michel Houellebecq with a pointed magician’s cap, smoking a cigarette, looking like some untouchable warlock.
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 (Image credit: Fatshark)The grimness is there too, in the haggard faces that are the only options available (I've never seen a character creator so averse to letting you look pretty), and the scuffed weapons that have all clearly been used for years, probably by people who died holding them.
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That’s the basic premise, and it sounds pretty standard: haggard detective falls for possibly dangerous woman, romance ensues, with potential for some mayhem along the way.
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