Using "impetuous" in a sentence

While other signs are content to do normal people things like wait for results to come in before making rash decisions, Ben is naturally impetuous and can't resist a good lead, no matter how potentially dangerous it is.
Source: Looper

The judge said Wheeler was “impetuous and immature” at the time and still didn’t deserve a chance at parole, sentencing him to life behind bars.

this year, and also starring Lee, this is the ironic tale of a brusque, impetuous writer who stops writing and decides to try moviemaking.
Source: The New Yorker

Then it’s Verstappen, but the impetuous two-time champion has posted the fastest lap again.
Source: The Guardian

His most famous life, of course, was the 30 years he spent as James T Kirk, the swaggering and impetuous 23rd-century captain who led the intrepid crew of the starship Enterprise over three seasons on television in the 1960s and in seven Star Trek films thereafter.
Source: The Times

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