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com) How the green paradox and climate policy can become Putin’s nightmare – by Dr.

But there is a paradox lurking behind this reputation.
Source: New Scientist

That’s the paradox that drove Tim to host his hackathon in the first place.
Source: Tennis Legend | The Daily Show The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

(Still, at least I caught a bunch of the Violet paradox monsters to trade to myself later.
Source: Kotaku

Which is the depth of human experience, the minutiae of it, the joy of it, the tragedy of it, the paradox and contradiction of it in every moment.
Source: Variety

The drama, which dissects the paradox of the American dream, strikes a more intense chord this time around as Willy is now a Black man, for whom getting ahead in 1949 was arduous, at best.

Those two news stories were enough to plant the idea in the public’s mind that the ‘smoker’s paradox’ was a myth generated by cigarette companies.
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Art critic Rosalind Krauss has described the grid as a paradox that allows two realms of “paralogical suspension”: “The grid’s mythic power is that it makes us able to think we are dealing with materialism (or something like science or logic) while at the same time it provides us with a release into belief (or illusions or fictions).
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It's a paradox that has existed for several years, but that could fizzle out in 2023.
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His reported fear of flying is a key reason for his physical absence, while another explains the paradox of his success.
Source: The National

Cause simulation shutdown (and hopefully our extraction) by generating an incomputable paradox [138], for example via time travel and associated grandfather paradox [139].
Source: IAI

The ProblemsThe fundamental paradox of the Xpulse is this: It is the cheapest off-road focused machine in the market, so a lot of beginners would buy it to get better at off-roading.
Source: Team-BHP

Yet the paradox is that, despite whatever boredom or routine of the relationship, it is peaceful, safe and secure.
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The nitrogen paradox in tropical forest ecosystems.

Faint young Sun paradox remains.

The paradox of technology is that it gives us the power to serve and protect at the exact same time as it gives us the power to exploit.
Source: TIME

The holographic principle began as a proposed solution to the black hole information paradox in the 1990s.
Source: Ars Technica

“This is the whole paradox of the sport.
Source: Cyclingnews

This paradox of "handmade" vs "computer generated" deeply informs the design and the development of the artist's work.
Source: Yahoo Finance

The paradox of The Way of Water — a movie that in many ways repeats what came before — is that its tangents are often where its heart is.
Source: The CyberWire

“The paradox of spreadsheets is that they are only as good as how much time you spend updating them.
Source: Commercial Observer

As soon as an emotional paradox is floated, it’s resolved.
Source: Inverse

I elaborated on the various problems with Xiaotingia, Anchiornis, Aurornis and other feathered dinosaurs in a recent article (Bechly 2022f), which shows that none of them solves the temporal paradox of early birds.
Source: AccessWire

substrate specificity, a paradox to be solved.

The paradox of neuronal insulin action and resistance in the development of aging‐associated diseases.

“The paradox is that so many of us accrue plaques in our brains as we age, and yet so few of us with plaques go on to develop dementia,” said Alberto Espay, MD, one of the lead researchers of the study, in another UC news story.
Source: Laboratory News

Mechanisms of impact as commitment, perception of empowerment and perception of PA as well as the paradox between prioritising PA and family and the need of a flexible everyday life need to be considered when offering pregnant women PA interventions.
Source: BMC Public Health BMC Public Health

This has created a paradox that implies that medicine, while providing a longer life in a better health, indirectly contributes to the acceleration of the destruction of our habitat.
Source: PR Web

This paradox would be impossible to explain on a flat Earth where the sun rises at the same time for everyone and everyone shares the same calendar date.

The paradox of that choice is that it can’t help fulfil that goal if there’s no business.
Source: The Race

The political protection of destructive industries is woven into the fabric of politics, not least because of the pollution paradox (“the more damaging the commercial enterprise, the more money it must spend on politics to ensure it’s not regulated out of existence.
Source: The Guardian

The paradox of any such understanding, including mine, is that with this understanding, the thing itself, the psychosis, is in danger of retreating beyond the horizon.
Source: Psychiatric Times

Gong Yining, Beijing, 2015-16Photography by Pieter Hugo Hugo’s portraits reveal the inherent paradox of photography: the ways in which the medium moves through liminal space of fact and fiction, image and substance, spirit and flesh.
Source: AnOther Magazine

It's a paradox that has the nation's largest builders and suppliers looking for ways to control costs.
Source: Star Tribune

(Critical Mass) • The paradox of light goes beyond wave-particle duality: Light is the most mysterious of all things we know exist.
Source: The Big Picture Barry Ritholtz

We had this paradox in the lab for years, not understanding what made VMHvl the attack area, given that it didn't have attack-tuned neurons.
Source: Technology Networks

Cooks explained this “water paradox,” to VICE.
Source: Popular Science

However, perhaps we could accept it as a vital paradox: doctrine becomes dead unless it is in touch with nature, unless it is guided by love and unless it is informed by imagination.
Source: PopMatters

Statistics, part 2: Simpson’s paradox There is another important difference when looking at the vaccinated versus unvaccinated populations in the United States.
Source: CNN

This has happened before… (Dirty Bubble Media) • Josh Brown and Barry Ritholtz want rock-star culture and rocketing growth in one RIA so they hired Jay Tini to manage the paradox (RIABiz) • US sees surge in children under five hospitalized for respiratory viruses: Wave of illness caused by RSV, influenza and other infections has seen more than three-quarters of pediatric hospital beds full.
Source: The Big Picture Barry Ritholtz

But (and this is the paradox that Clark wants to inhabit) Cézanne continues to speak to us all the same.
Source: ArtReview

This is an inescapable paradox or uncertainty of deterrence, especially nuclear deterrence.
Source: Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

For the GAIA’s Tangri, it is this paradox that shows you how “nefarious” chemical recycling is.
Source: E&T Magazine

That paradox may be “the most important part of the study,” noted Timothy Cline, an ecologist with the U.
Source: Daily Inter Lake

He was a biracial kid born in apartheid South Africa, living through the paradox and complexity of race and racism in both a highly specific but also universal way.
Source: The Washington Post

Many Indian tech workers in Japan say they encounter ironclad corporate hierarchies and resistance to change, a paradox in an industry that thrives on innovation and risk-taking.
Source: The New York Times

Feiring, who describes herself as “a pale, redheaded yeshiva girl who could never tolerate being in the sun,” may be the biggest paradox of all.
Source: Milwaukee Business Journal The Business Journals

Despite his enormous contribution to philosophy – including philosophy of mathematics, personal identity, the liar’s paradox and the nature of truth –Kripke produced only those two books (he hated writing), plus a transcription of the John Locke Lectures he gave at Oxford in 1973 entitled Reference and Existence.
Source: The Guardian

But it's perhaps that very paradox that has also allowed them to take 13 years to release an album without any discernible decline in interest amongst their notoriously zealous fan base.
Source: Revolver Magazine

As artists we were slowly uncovering paradox, and the idea that we are not compelled to resolve every contradictory impulse.
Source: Brene Brown

Allowing such films at the festival creates a paradox where the Ritz Carlton hotel in Jeddah in effect becomes temporarily exempt from Saudi Arabia’s homophobic practices.
Source: The Guardian

“Solving the paradox of growth and profitability in e-commerce,” McKinsey, December 30, 2021.
Source: McKinsey

In 1935, working with the physicists Boris Podolsky and Nathan Rosen, he revealed an apparent paradox in quantum mechanics: if one took the implications of the discipline seriously, it should be possible to create two entangled particles, separated by any distance, that could somehow interact faster than the speed of light.
Source: The Floor Is Lava The Hype Magazine

This seems like a paradox because herbicides are supposed to kill plants not fish.

In summary: Djokovic, who finished as number five in the world, a paradox given the dynamics, will also play the Adelaide stage before the first Major of the year.
Source: Tennis World USA

Theoreticians had long been grappling with a paradox thrown up by these enigmatic cosmic objects.
Source: Deccan Herald

It’s a strange paradox to rely on the device that fuels my stress to get relief from that very same stress, and I’m not quite sure how to solve it yet.
Source: Best Health Magazine

I came to Saving Yellowstone, then, with sincere enthusiasm to see how a renowned historian would tackle this seeming paradox head-on.
Source: Mountain Journal

[Music up and then underneath narration: “Doabin”] Majel Connery: Angelica and I next dove into a paradox.
Source: Capital Public Radio News

Theoreticians had long been grappling with a paradox thrown up by these enigmatic cosmic objects.
Source: Scientific American

But environmentally green? That's more complicated, and the paradox facing the ski industry right now.
Source: CNN

She also knows how to keep her husband in check, and this paradox gives a nice little edge to the proceedings that follow.
Source: High On Films

They trace how even exposure to indefensible racial brutality seemingly fails to deter racism’s eternal return of the same (“I saw Rodney King on the TV screen turn slowly into Trayvon”) while marking the paradox of evangelical Christianity’s implication in freedom and bondage (“I got saved at the Baptist church when I said the sinner’s prayer / Went to service with momma and they’s only white people there”).
Source: PopMatters

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