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He's still delivered sporadic flashes of spot-up shooting, isolation shotmaking and aggressive drives to remind scouts about his evolution into a three-level lead scorer.
Source: Bleacher Report

As a live service shooter, Halo Infinite regularly receives content updates, both in the form of ballyhooed flagship seasonal launches and smaller, sporadic “drop pods.
Source: Polygon

VILPA19 refers to brief and sporadic (for example, up to 1 or up to 2 min long) bouts of vigorous-intensity physical activity done as part of daily living, such as bursts of very fast walking while commuting to work or moving from place to place, or stair climbing20.

There have been sporadic efforts to make the certificate process more accountable, sometimes after revelations of suspicious activity.
Source: The Washington Post

New Zealand’s devastating 2011 earthquake scuppered plans for another potential full-length, but the Clean kept on gigging in subsequent years, as sporadic as ever.
Source: Pitchfork

The plays helped Hong Kong audiences to understand what was happening in Ukraine in a new, more direct way than the sporadic stories appearing in local media.
Source: Wilson Center

Senior forward Donta Scott picked up two early fouls, leading to sporadic shifts from the Philadelphia native.
Source: TechRepublic

Rightly or wrongly, additive manufacturing seemed to be stuck in the place for several years: A promising technology, but still very much a niche application for spare parts or products with low volume or sporadic demand.
Source: Supply Chain Management Review

The sporadic behavior of voters was on full display in the midterms.

End of half fireworksThe Patriots were dropping into a familiar lull during the first half of the game, as the Cardinals started to consistently move the ball and put up points, while New England's offense once again looked sporadic at best with badly-timed penalties and mistakes mixed in.

And of course, there was the infamous Note 7 phone that had to be recalled because they were prone to catch fire; Samsung has had sporadic flare-ups of phones overheating since, for example when a Galaxy A21 caught fire on an airplane and forced an evacuation, but not to the point of recalling any other models.
Source: CPO Magazine

Despite its evident vitality, Atlanta has also experienced its fair share of urban challenges, including serial killers, sporadic police brutality and some of the worst traffic congestion in the nation.

In the distinctive clip of his Boston accent, he called for a “massive attack to end this adult illiteracy,” marking a shift from decades of limited and sporadic federal action.
Source: autoevolution

The crossover between NBR and the Academy Awards in the acting races is sporadic with two or three nabbing Oscar nods by the season’s end.
Source: Variety

Thus far, potentially due to its sporadic nature, few longitudinal research studies have been conducted in the UK using pollutant, pollen and weather data, and these have been limited to small regions such as a single city10.

But Brown emphasizes that he has an eclectic background involving lots of sporadic training within a slew of disciplines.
Source: ESPN

Previously, regulators relied on a piecemeal collection of data from media reports, manufacturer notifications and other sporadic sources to learn about incidents involving advanced driver-assistance.
Source: The Washington Post

Dunn Hunters have received sporadic media coverage over the years.
Source: The Cut

Despite this, we note that sporadic transmission events occur relatively commonly between humans and companion animals and very occasionally between humans and other sources, including river water and invertebrates.

Philadelphia EaglesWill Miles Sanders’ recent production spike continue?Sanders was strongly productive on a sporadic basis for much of the year, but that strength spiked dramatically over the past three weeks when he posted 31 points against Green Bay in Week 12 and then tallied 28.
Source: The Athletic

While Silva had his moments, Brown was far more strategic and sharp, grinding out long stretches in controlling positions, searching for submissions, landing sporadic attacks, and simply keeping the 35-year-old debutant from getting anything started.
Source: UFC

“In light of the sporadic COVID-19 outbreaks in 2022, health-conscious consumers are expected to make dishes with meat alternatives a regular addition to their diets.
Source: vegconomist the vegan business magazine

The Christmas Owl only makes very sporadic appearances, and the only important one is causing one of our mascot-suited leads to fall off a bridge and into an It’s A Wonderful Life parody.
Source: Book and Film Globe

Read More: Rockstar leaker teases new GTA Online map in GTA 5 E&E The insider has been dropping sporadic messages on the GTA Forums’ GTA 6 speculation thread, and seemingly doubled down on that belief on January 21.
Source: Dexerto

  What is Stiff Person Syndrome?  Stiff Person Syndrome is a sporadic autoimmune movement disorder that affects the central nervous system.
Source: DNA India

Earth’s influx of different populations of sporadic meteoroids from photographic and television data.

READ MORE: Man went to the doctor with sporadic back pain and gets horrifying diagnosis At eight-weeks-old, she was referred to Alder Hey Children's Hospital where they diagnosed Violet with Craniosynostosis, a very rare condition where the bones in a baby’s skull join together too early.
Source: Manchester Evening News

These have had a more sporadic release schedule so far, but always launch months after the other models, with the Galaxy S20 FE arriving in October 2021 and the Galaxy S21 FE launching just ahead of the S22 range in Feb 2022.
Source: Tech Advisor

He called netizens’ reactions and officials’ sporadic suspension of some accounts, even as many critical posts remain online, a “breaking point of the information controls that have been put in place… because it is not a niche targeted protest” like those that occasionally spring up against local corruption, which the state sometimes permits.
Source: The Diplomat

The cameras are subject to sporadic breakdown, and may not be repaired immediately.
Source: United States Geological Survey (.gov)

 E-commerce inflation has been sporadic the past few months, increasing 0.
Source: Fast Company

"Hawkins will start as this season’s center in five-out looks that were sporadic with Cockburn on the floor so much last season.
Source: The Pantagraph

The court also agreed that while bereavement leave or jury duty is sporadic and infrequent, military service recurs on a regular and frequent basis.
Source: Paddle Your Own Kanoo

The song was removed and while it has sometimes appeared in sporadic releases of the film, for the most part, it was lost.

The arrow shows sporadic loci within the nucleolus.

I have a couple of sporadic commitments, and I'll go to the studio, but there's no pressure.
Source: Music Times

His writing about the Perahera and Temple of the Tooth Relic joins the sporadic accounts of other western writers over the centuries These two sacred relics: the living Bodhi Tree and the Tooth Relic, are worshipped as the Living Buddha himself.
Source: Buddhistdoor Global

  With heavy guitar solos, a strong stage presence, and sporadic screaming in their lyrics, both bands demonstrated a punk-rock influence in their performances.
Source: The Heights

Etienne is expected back though so Hasty goes back to his sporadic usage.
Source: FantasyAlarm

What he’s been finding is that, while being divorced and seeing his kids Hannah (Meara Mahoney Gross) and Solly (Maxim Swinton) every other weekend and other sporadic times stinks, he’s become a rock star on the dating apps, which he never used in his previous single days.
Source: Decider

Nonetheless, we regret the inconvenience that the delay may have caused to our valuable passengers- Air India SpokespersonSome of the flights have faced operational issues but these are sporadic & the same has been addressed promptly.
Source: Economic Times

“We expect from here on in for the movement of this flow to become somewhat sporadic as it goes across the flat ground.
Source: New York Post

Georgetown has covered four in a row in the series, and Syracuse has been rather sporadic on offense.
Source: Covers

  In the past few years, there’s been sporadic sightings through the summer, but nowhere near the numbers a decade ago.
Source: Vacaville Reporter

“There will be some sporadic events throughout the winter months in warm-weather climates.

Which is why aside from a sporadic miniseries here and there, there hasn't been a major Nintendo-based animated film, and the last time there was an animated TV show was back in 2003 with Kirby: Right Back at Ya! We'll see what comes of the studio once it's fully in their control, but we wouldn't be surprised to hear about something new happening in at least Japan by year's end.
Source: Bucs Report

In terms of influence or impact, they mostly scream into an echo chamber on the fringes of the online conversation, with sporadic moments of ‘breakout.
Source: Rolling Stone

As producer Mark Coyle recalls in Supersonic: “The next thing, sporadic fighting is breaking out all around us and Liam got very excited by the prospect of a lot of chaos going on, and he goes and joins in.
Source: Far Out Magazine

There was no immediate decision on whether NASA would try for a liftoff Tuesday given the sporadic nature of the hydrogen leaks, which have bedeviled the launch team for months.
Source: Press Herald

Joshua Keley contributes on some sporadic run downs.
Source: FantasyAlarm

Inheritance patterns, allelic heterogeneity and novel variantsPrior to genotyping, most cases were annotated as sporadic, based on pedigree information and family history due to the lack of affected family members.

Landscapes of dry earth, silky mud, and sporadic pockets of volcanic springs are pervasive scenes in Clark’s California land: a geological journey of juxtaposed and tactile qualities that clearly hold a special place in her oeuvre.
Source: Wallpaper*

“In terms of influence or impact, [the accounts] mostly scream into an echo chamber on the fringes of the online conversation, with sporadic moments of ‘breakout,'” Graphika’s Director of Investigations Tyler Williams said in a statement.
Source: CyberScoop

The trademark defensive versatility that powered them to a title has been sporadic — sometimes outright absent.
Source: Golden State of Mind

On the contrary, VILPA, which refers to sporadic bouts of one to two minutes of VPA (e.
Source: News-Medical.Net

Nelly Korda and Lexi Thompson are in the field this year, continuing a sporadic tradition of women competing alongside men in the team event.
Source: Yahoo Sports

  A spokesperson for Prisma Labs says that “sporadic sexualization” of photos happens to people of all genders, but in different ways.
Source: CNBC Television

"Performance of regional movies (southern and non-southern) beyond their core markets is generally sporadic in nature," says the report from Emkay Global.
Source: BBC

There have been sporadic attempts to close the loophole, most recently as a way to pay for an unrelated wildlife-conservation effort, but supporters of that bill say its progress has stalled.
Source: Quartz

There were a few albums for Warner Brothers, then some time away from it all, and sporadic returns to the stage and the studio over the years.

Philadelphia EaglesWill Miles Sanders’ recent production spike continue?Sanders was strongly productive on a sporadic basis for much of the year, but that strength spiked dramatically over the past three weeks when he posted 31 points against Green Bay in Week 12 and then tallied 28.
Source: The Athletic

After passing NW Jackson School Road the route along NW Scotch Church Road becomes less pleasant with sporadic shoulders full of gravel and car parts.
Source: BikePortland

We've seen sporadic leaks elsewhere, too, with one suggesting the campaign could be optional.
Source: Gamesradar

(Mario’s contributions to the comics tapered off, but he has made sporadic appearances in the meantime.
Source: The New Yorker

I have a couple of sporadic commitments, and I’ll go to the studio, but there’s no pressure," he said.
Source: BuzzFeed

MXA test riders found that the best way to avoid the sporadic low-end power delivery of the 2017 engine was to run the engine harder and higher in the rpm range—a great solution for fast test riders but a no-go for Novices and Vets.
Source: Motocross Action Magazine

He won the 1971 South African Grand Prix for Ferrari on one of those sporadic appearances, but when Vel’s Parnelli Racing took on the challenge of F1 Andretti finally committed fully to F1.
Source: RACER

That sporadic play isn’t what you’re looking for, but there’s also some clear upside.
Source: 247Sports

  In the past few years, there’s been sporadic sightings through the summer, but nowhere near the numbers a decade ago.
Source: Vacaville Reporter

There’s sporadic focus on Sophie’s life pre-marriage that is ultimately used to set up a (possible) second season.
Source: The A.V. Club

Nelly Korda and Lexi Thompson are in the field this year, continuing a sporadic tradition of women competing alongside men in the team event.
Source: Golfweek

This specialized effort is intense at the beginning of a project and then becomes a matter of sporadic maintenance.

The star has been making sporadic television appearances, usually as a reality show guest star, though fans can see more of Electra on the model’s OnlyFans.
Source: FOX40 News

pneumoniae despite sporadic detection, the multi-strain state was more common (49%), consistent with the hypothesis that even in pro-inflammatory environments, no clone outcompetes others27 (Fig.

Use of whole genome sequencing and patient interviews to link a case of sporadic listeriosis to consumption of prepackaged lettuce.

These sporadic weekend trips continued through middle and high school.
Source: American Theatre

These areas have been witnessing a drop in the mercury due to sporadic snowfall and rains for the past several days.
Source: Firstpost

Pool photo by Dominic LipinskiThen, too, there is the show’s unapologetic mixing of fact and fiction, which drew sporadic complaints when it dealt with events of the more distant past, but has reached a kind of critical mass when it comes to depicting the well-worn saga of Charles and Diana’s marriage.
Source: TheGamer

Richardson has made sporadic appearances in films like The Bloody Indulgent, but his $40 million net worth also stems from modelling jobs with Versace, Tag Heuer and even a Vogue shoot.
Source: Bangkok Post

TikToks are a welcome distraction for the PettitsJoshua, a web designer who describes himself as a naturally "techy" guy, started sharing sporadic TikToks of Betty in 2020, but his videos blew up after a November 23, 2021, TikTok in which Betty introduced herself to her reflection in a full-length mirror.
Source: Insider

Even AAP officials who knew about the committee could only name a handful of people on it, based on sporadic interactions with the group.
Source: BoLS

There have also been sporadic reports of a shortage of children’s Tylenol, although its manufacturer said that there is no shortage.
Source: The Epoch Times

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